Why let tooth decay ruin your day, trust Colgate. The brand Colgate was established in 1806 by a man by the name of William Colgate. The brand is a New York based company

Originally Colgate was introduced as a soap, candle and starch business. Later came the development of the consumer goods category it is today, taking ownership in being the leader in oral care. Colgate is a trusted brand with its customers’ benefits and puts health before anything. Time and time again Colgate has proved to be a brand of unique qualities and traits.

Why should you use Colgate?

Colgate has been caring for smiles generation after generation. And besides, from being the leading oral care brand in the market, Colgate provides endless benefits for not only a brighter smile but also improves the general health of your mouth. Some of the added benefits of using Colgate’s products such as Colgate Total is that it strengthens enamel, fights cavities, reduces plaque, fights bad breath and whitens teeth. Colgate’s products are recommended by oral health care professionals around the world.  Using Colgate’s products brings is one small step you can take that will have an extremely beneficial impact on your oral health. Most of us have met that squatter, Hal I Tosis. He moves into our mouths, gets comfortable on the surface of our tounges and becomes an unwelcome house guest. This is where that pal Hal gets evicted by Colgate’s Total toothpaste or the mouth wash. The use of

Socially Aware:

Colgate is not only a company that cares about its consumers’ oral health care. Colgate is also renowned for its motivation to empower and enrich the lives of all those who choose Colgate as a way of life. Colgate currently has more than ten initiatives based all around the world which have the objective of providing opportunities to those who would otherwise not have it. As the world develops and progresses, so does Colgate, and this is highly visible in their ‘Colgate Women’s Games’ initiative.  The event is the largest U.S. amateur track series for girls and young women and has been providing women with the opportunity to build self-esteem, teamwork and the value of education for over 40 years. These type of initiatives are the perfect form of promotion as they are beneficial not only to Colgate but also to you the consumers.

Your Smile, Your Future:

Colgate cares about you and most importantly your smile. This why Colgate has taken full advantage of every opportunity to benefit its consumers. Colgate is inspired to change the world through its unique vision. This vision entails providing assistance to those in need, building a better community for everyone and potentially influencing the future in which we live in. One of Colgate’s most recent and ambitious is its joint-ventures which involve providing fluoridated water (controlled addition of fluoride to a public water supply to reduce tooth decay) to 80% of the US population by the year 2020. It is not often that one company can have this type of unique and profound ambition while still sticking to its initial core ideology and that is why Colgate is the company of today and the future.

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