Converse has done well in being the classic brand the has stayed relevant in the market for over 100 years. Converse brings more than a product to the table, they have a well-established connection with their target market. Converse listen more than they talk. With good consumer insight, Converse focuses on having an emotional connection with their consumers. Converse wants people to feel themselves in their shoes. One of their main values is self-expression and creativity.

Converse has used integrated brand promotion to positively influence the market. Through these efforts, Converse has become arguably the most popular pair of sneakers among their target market, who are mainly teenagers, conformists, rebels, aspires, and many more. Converse has developed campaigns that engage the brand with the consumer and showcases the consumers’ creativity and self-expression. The “Made by you” and “Connectivity” campaigns have positioned Converse in a positive yet discriminating manner against competition in the sneaker industry.


“This campaign speaks to us wanting to celebrate self-expression around the world.”

  • Called “Made By You,” the push features the 98-year-old Chuck line, which is the foundation of the Nike-owned Converse brand
  • Its main highlight is the portraits of celebrities wearing their Chucks Converse’s campaign highlights its customers’ creative spirit, the crux of “Made By You” is to get more people to share stories of their Chucks).
  • This isn’t a media campaign where we’re shouting to get people’s attention, It’s a bridge to get people to show what they’ve done

The campaign follows the brand’s strong recent growth where Converse brought in $434 million in revenue last quarter, up 21% from the same period a year earlier.

This is a short clip made by Converse to promote the campaign and really did capture the essence of what they were trying to achieve with this campaign with the imagery and visuals.




Converse posters from their 2015 ‘Made by you’ Campaign


“Celebrating a century in music, art, sports and fashion.”

  • To celebrate the hundredth-year anniversary Converse launched its global “Connectivity” campaign in 2008, this particular campaign was in celebration of the heritage of the brand and how the meaning behind the Converse shoe had transformed over the course of a century, while the design of the shoe stayed relatively the same.
  • The campaign’s mission was to “provoke” or encourage youth to break away from the mainstream and to be unique and so they used black and white print advertisements, outdoor images, digital media, and even an original song and music video to reach out to the young, edgy demographic that Converse target.
  • Our whole mission is to inspire originality and be an advocate and catalyst for creativity
  • All advertisements act as cultural intermediaries or in other words, help to connect people with goods and allow them to make sense of these goods within their culture, currently, consumers are bombarded with so many advertisements that it must be made easy for them to interpret meaning from the images they are presented with, quickly and efficiently
  • This campaign was successful due to the fact that Converse stayed true to who they are, an original piece of art. The black and white advertisements made a huge impression on the audience knowing that the product that they are about to buy is original and unique.


A picture displaying how Converse can be worn for leisure activities and events


Overall, Converse has had many successful campaigns and has been able to capture the eye of the public for many decade now. They have established themselves globally and have done so not only through the quality of their products but because of the marketing and advertising done on these campaigns. It ultimately is why we as consumers have been so interested in the brand and loyal to it. Converse have prove to be an everyday shoe that is fit for almost any occasion, any activity or chat as one can simply Converse with me.