In some ways, this brand is a bit like the Kardashians, they aren’t the ones keeping up with the trends, these cool cats set the trends! They are all about doing things the best way they know how:

  • Rules? No.
  • By the book? Not a chance.
  • Craft coffee accompanied by an amazing experience? Now that one gets a resounding yes.

Deluxe Who?

The personality that this brand has built is phenomenal, considering the company’s size. With just 4 outlets in Cape Town, 2 in Stellenbosch and 1 in Namibia, Deluxe Coffeeworks isn’t what you would call a tiger brand- but their personality is more exciting than finding that R 100 in your back pocket at the end of the month. #studentstruggles

Radically Reaching

The company uses everything at their disposal to reach their customers. Due to the size of Deluxe Coffeeworks, the brand utilizes social media as its main promotional tool. But since the brand fueled by passion, it is no surprise that they use this medium to its full capacity, communicating to their customers via Facebook and Instagram, through frequent posts. They always let their customers know when they open new coffee shops, as well as when other businesses join the family by serving Deluxe Coffee in their cafés or restaurants. Deluxe’s retro styled, user friendly website also enables customers to place orders for coffee that will be delivered straight to their doorstep – talk about coffee on command!

Featured on Food24’s YouTube channel and Food Blog Cape Town, Deluxe is most certainly one of a kind. Customers have raved on about their caffeine fix coming from Deluxe Coffeeworks. Yet another factor contributing to their awesomeness is that they are also an environmentally-conscious coffee brand. They donate their hessian bags to be recycled and their unused coffee grounds are given back to the city of Cape Town for fertilization. What a brand!

The brand understands that coffee addicts need quality for less. That is why their prices are reasonable whilst having their coffee beans roasted and grinded in-store to perfection. They therefore not only compete on quality, but also price. They have even spread their relaxed, yet rock’n’roll atmosphere to the likes of De Warenmarkt in Stellenbosch. One will also run into the Deluxe Coffeeworks Branding at any coffee shop who uses their beans. This enables the brand to reconnect with customers beyond social media platforms. Just one look at a notice board and they are reminded that one cup is all it takes to take to get rid of those withdrawal symptoms.

It’s all about the customers

Deluxe Coffeeworks makes it no secret that they LOVE interacting with their customers. Visiting their Facebook or Instagram pages will expose you to a brand that truly shows how much they value their customers, by both prompt responses to their questions and top notch, in-house service. Deluxe Coffeeworks gives its customers room to be a part of their advertising process, customers can like, share and comment their thoughts and feelings towards the brand. The company is then able to improve their processes and give their customers exactly what they want. So not only do consumers get value for their money, but they also have a voice in what happens with the product that Deluxe Coffeeworks has to offer. The brand is clearly committed to using the promotional tools, social networking and public relations to their full capacity.

Barista Guy, and two of his loyal customers.


Getting a Glimpse of the Good Life …

In order to gain more insight into what Deluxe Coffeeworks really stands for, we had a chat to our main man, Guy, one of the baristas at De Warenmarkt. Take a look at the video below for a walk through the Deluxe life.