Diesel stands for distinctive products, an aspiring lifestyle accessible to the ones brave enough to be individual, brave enough to dream and brave enough to be stupid. Diesel stands for style, quality and comfort.

Interactive customer campaigns and public relations

The first Diesel branded campaigns were often shocking, controversial, daring and focused on a very specific consumer group. Diesel has since shifted their focus to include various consumer groups to ensure growth and the longevity of the brand.

Diesel launched a number of successful interactive customer campaigns. They have been very successful with these campaigns and created brand awareness, brand loyalty and collected information regarding the likes and dislikes of their target customers. 

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Be stupid campaign

Source : https://goo.gl/EVhm8r.

The “Be Stupid” campaign encouraged consumers to be risk takers and to be open-minded people. The campaign included online, press and outdoor advertisements featuring people doing “stupid” things, a digital recruitment campaign for the Diesel music video/2010 catalogue, and online activity outlining the company’s Stupid philosophy. It created a buzz amongst consumers and represented a certain style of life associated with unique experiences. People were encouraged to listen to their hearts, to be different and stop worrying about social rules. Watch the “Be Stupid” street campaign here:

Watch video here

Source : https://youtu.be/4SbKY_Ml2G4

Older campaigns included a campaign where they positioned Dieselcam cameras connected to Facebook in one of their stores. Another in-store campaign was to scan the QR code of your favourite products in store on your Smartphone and post directly on Facebook.

In 2009, Diesel won the VMSD International Visual Competition. Diesel created an interactive window for the then new collection, “Destroyed”, in the Berlin flagship store. It was launched during the Berlin Fashion Week and created awareness, excitement and was entertaining.

It’s a little quiet on the Trump wall front at the moment. Diesel took advantage of the statements made by Donald Trump concerning building a border wall between The USA and Mexico to keep illegal Mexican immigrants out of America. Diesel subtly showed their opinion through their « Make love not Walls » campaigns

  • Love doesn’t do boundaries. Neither do we.
  • Beyond boundaries. Unity for love’s sake
Make love not walls campaign

Source : https://goo.gl/EVhm8r

Branded entertainment

During December 2016 Diesel announced that they became the Style Partner of the legendary Italian AC Milan football club for 3 years. Diesel will be dressing the AC Milan team “off-field”.

 « Change the world – that’s the dream »

Diesel AC Milan video : https://web.facebook.com/Diesel/videos/10157906906400484/

Football is the most popular sport globally. This marketing effort will enhance the brand exposure and association. The AC Milan team become brand ambassadors for the Diesel brand.

Social Media

With 4.6 million followers on Facebook, 1.2 million followers on Instagram and almost 5 million hashtags on Instagram, Diesel has brand traction and consumers want to be involved with the brand. People are curious in their nature and the mystery and sex appeal surrounding the brand keep them engaged. Advertisements for new products are cleverly done and mostly with a daring or teasing aspect. For example :

  • Bad fragrance for men : “I’ll be no angel, my angel”
  • Jeans denim : “The comfort of your Jogg.Jeans will make you fall in bed. Falling in love is now up to you”
  • Watches for men : “Sync it up and strap it on. Because size matters”

Their word play in advertisements is clever and fun and ensures that consumers remember them.

  • “Diesel stands for the dreamers”
  • “Jogg.Jeans so comfortable you can sleep in them”

Social responsibility and cause related marketing

Diesel supports various causes and they do so through the OTB – Only the brave foundation.

The OTB foundation is a not-for-profit organization. Their mission is to contribute to the development of communities that are less advantaged. More than 170 projects have been supported by them.

Diesel is also associated with the Naomi Campbell charity Fashion For Relief and has created the Child at Heart fashion campaign which is dedicated to the welfare of children across the globe.

Watch video here

Source : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jfBeay0QmqI

child at heart
Child at heart campaign

Source : https://goo.gl/QVLdr2

 With their brand campaigns and positioning, focus on individualism and quality and the lifestyle the brand exudes, Diesel is successful with the IBP efforts that they focus on. They created a brand that has loyal customers and aspiring loyal customers who will stay entertained and intrigued by Diesel’s clever brand associations.