“Why is it, that in the 21st century, everyone is aware of the brand Durex?”

“From tweens to teens, adults to pensioners, it seems that everyone knows or has heard about the brand Durex… But just how did they gain such a large and dominant share of the market, what were the fundamental reasons behind achieving such popularity?”

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For Him and for Her


We all know what you were thinking, and yes, it’s fairly obvious. The immediate thought that jumps into someone’s head when seeing Durex, is sex! And rightly so, Durex was the first brand to mass produce lubricated condoms.

Durex is arguably one of the most reliable and accommodating brands in the sex industry to date. Having been in the industry since 1915 and reaching target markets in over 150 different countries, I think it’s fair to say, that Durex is one of the longest standing internationally recognized brands in the industry.

Providing several diverse ranges of products which include:

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What sets Durex apart from its competitors?

Durex caters to the needs of all customers by providing reliable high-end products that have been constantly tested and refined to ensure that they are of the highest quality possible. With all this said, it is assumed that naturally Durex would be regarded as leaders in their field of expertise and possibly even as world number 1 in their class. But this fierce reputation cannot be entirely attributed to their high-quality products, can it? We believe the answer is: “Most certainly not.”

There is a far more important underlying mechanism which Durex has utilized to create this hype and popularity for their high-quality products. That of, Integrated Brand Promotion or more commonly referred to as IBP.



Durex’s multi-dimensional approach with regards to IBP is truly what has enabled the brand to achieve global recognition and success. Making use of several forms of IBP, including:

  • Mass media promotion
  • Mobile marketing
  • Advertising on social networks
  • Event sponsorship
  • Point-of-purchase promotion techniques

Social controversy

However, as Durex’s field of operations has, and still tends to be surrounded by “social controversy and uncertainty”, the brand needed to make use of extremely powerful and effective promotion to get the product being advertised across without causing social tension. Although, nowadays the topic of “sex” is no longer as socially frowned upon, it still tends to carry social uncertainty. This has led to the banning of several of Durex’s Tv and YouTube advertisements over the past few years, deemed too inappropriate for younger viewers:



Durex has always towed a fine line between being humorous and inappropriate, in doing this, they aim to imprint a longer lasting impression on viewers. The use of humor also helps draw from the serious side of sex and emphasizes the association of great, fun safe sex with the use of Durex’s products.

Product Aspects

Durex also highlights how accommodating their brand is by providing vast product ranges coming in numerous different styles, sizes and colours to cater to all consumer needs. This is evident in the image provided below of Durex’s extensive range of condoms.


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Durex catering to all consumer preferences. Source: https://goo.gl/xRCqSa


The Point of Purchase techniques utilized by Durex can be seen in the image above:

Durex’s wide range of different products are easily identifiable by their bright, colorful yet premium packaging. This helps customers easily distinguish their products from competitors in various purchase situations.

Durex’s overall IBP efforts have been some of the most memorable in its market. Through creating controversy with their advertisements and attracting consumers with the use of: striking packaging, bold statements and the formation of significant partnerships with global health organisations. A brand that stands out from the rest, a legacy, has been created.


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