Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach a man to fish and he will sit in a boat and drink beer all day. Here’s to good friends, great memories, and the best beer.

Generations of Memories

For generations and generations Castle Lager have been so much more than just a beer company. It has inspired a nation to live among one another.  It brought people of different people cultures together making memories along the way

We Care about the environment

As South Africa’s most patriotic beer, Castle Lager is dedicated to all things local. So when the country’s indigenous plant life is being threatened by invasive alien plants, Castle is the perfect brand to do something about it. Castle Lager came to the defence of our local flora in the most South African way possible – by getting beer drinkers to braai.

The objective was to get as many people as possible to braai with wood from invasive tree species, to create a greater demand for Kameeldoring, Black Wattle and Rooikrans – 3 of the most invasive alien plants in our country.

People don’t drink marketing. They drink real beer. CASTLE LAGER

“Castle Lager Supporters”

Braai Nation (

We Save Our Animals

The fight against Rhino poaching has received a much needed shot in the arm from the Castle Lager Boucher Legacy NPC “Our Rhino in safe hands” program. 

The Non-Profit Company headed by former Proteas and record breaking wicket keeper Mark Boucher, has successfully raised over R1 million to purchase a state of the art DNA analysis machine for the Veterinary Genetics Laboratory of the University of Pretoria in Onderstepoort. The machine is a critical component in helping with the plight of the rhinos through the RhODIS project.

Boucher Legacy ( )

Best Campaigns for the people we love

we don’t make promises, we deliver

Castle Lager has run several success full campaigns. Form the year 2014, Castle has run 7 projects:

  • SA’s biggest national braai campaign for Castle Lager.
  • Tastic Weddings ‘Perfect, Everytime.
  • Africa United.
  • A Message-On-A-Bottle Bromance in Castle Lager’s ‘Coming Home’
  • Castle Lager rally behind the Boks!
  • Cheers to the next decade of Castle Lager.
  • Castle Lager: Finding Tomorrow’s Bafana Together

The memories we made:)

Castle Lager brings friends together. The memories we made as our adventure takes us gone fishing. A beautiful day. A big fish in the water. And us… The joy of friendship witch the Castle brings, a beautiful country with many adventures.

Here to stay, for decades to come.

Castle Lager will keep on fighting for us. The smiles we give and the memories we make is more than enough for the beer company. It stand for more than just another Alcohol brand. With a country behind it, together we can make a better South Africa. We will save the environment, help our young stars into superstars and unite a rainbow nation as one because we all are in union. Twenty-five years of democracy shape this beautiful country. In the end of the day we can sit back relax and say “It all comes together with a Castle”

“It all comes together with a Castle”

Thank you