2017, the year of the Rooster. This seems quite fitting for the launch of Frankees, South Africa’s newest member to the male underwear industry. The founders, Siya Kolisi and Tim Whitehead have collaborated to bring the vibrancy of brightly coloured underwear to the consumers’ hands.


Source: https://www.instagram.com/p/BVEarppDDAL/?hl=en&taken-by=frankeesza

What should Frankees be to you?

In simple terms, it is underwear with a personality. The product is made from organic cotton for a soft touch; and lycra for a premium fit. Whether you are shopping for yourself or a partner, Frankees have a pattern that will make you LOVE getting dressed in the morning. Frankees care a great deal about the environment and therefore have immersed themselves into eco-friendly packaging and using organic cotton.

Through social media platforms, Frankees has successfully shown the world their cheeky side. Frankees resonates with a consumer who loves life and wants to live it to the fullest. Each post on their social media platforms oozes the sense of fun, confidence and breaking the norm.

“Focus your time on what you’re good at” – Tim Whitehead

This has propelled them into growing into a home-grown brand that consumers are starting to take recognition of. Their brand ambassadors have played a huge part in this thanks to their large social media following. They are on a journey to becoming a consumer’s “go to brand”.

Source: https://frankees.com/pages/about

The customer is always right, a myth or a truth?

As a Frankees customer, you will be treated with customer service that goes above and beyond. They are a customer-orientated brand that constantly monitors their feedback. Modern society is forever in motion and brands need to constantly be a step ahead. Frankees achieves this by being efficiently responsive to comments, complaints and emails. This gives them insight into their consumer’s preferences, desires and dislikes.

Their commitment to quality and originality drives loyalty to the brand. With lower prices and creative designs, competitors struggle to hold a torch next to them. The cherry on top is the one quality that South Africans cannot overlook. PROUDLY SOUTH AFRICAN. With materials and labour sourced in S.A, there is every reason to love this brand!

Source: https://frankees.com/

International Underwear Day is a hit in the USA, which Tim and Siya attempt to take advantage of here in South Africa. Part of the Frankees experience is to love oneself and feel confident in your simplest of garments. This ties in perfectly with the mantra of International Underwear Day as it stands for anti body shaming and self love. Again, Frankees is not only about highlighting its  quality products as fashions items, but as a lifestyle. You can watch Siya and Tim’s take on this in the video below:


Frankees keep things exciting and they use all their social media platforms to keep consumers on their toes. They have a variety of new launches in the pipeline. Without being a spoiler, women keep your eyes peeled for your new cheeky side! With prices ranging from R200 – R220, you can find your next fun filled adventure here.

Frankees are the brand to watch in 2017.