What makes FUTURELIFE® Smart food so smart?

Smart Food

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FUTURELIFE®’s revolutionary formula and unique benefits reveals an exciting new way to take in our daily vitamins and minerals. Their products are for everyone, families, executives, active individuals, vegetarians, pregnant women and people living with diabetes.

By putting their focus on the healthy side of living, consumer convenience and the benefits of the nutritious ingredients they have positioned themselves right between the industry leading brands. Their active and caring personality with the drive to help people in disadvantaged situations they have created an emotional bond between the brand and their clients. To read more about the amazing things they do to reach out to the community, have a look at their FUTURELIFE® Foundation Trust. Through their top quality nutritional foods and their wide range of marketing strategies, FUTURELIFE® has now been recognized as the number one health brand in South Africa.

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Their diverse bunch of brand ambassadors

DJ Milkshake

FUTURELIFE® focuses on having a wide range of brand ambassadors stretching from sport stars like Warren Whiteley (Springbok rugby player), Matt Bromley (Professional surfer) and Bernard Parker (Professional football player) to entertainers like DJ Milkshake. Well-known brand ambassadors like these have a broad fan base and through their social media platforms they bring a great deal of exposure to the brand.

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Social Media

FUTURELIFE®’s excellent marketing strategy is mainly based on the combination of their selected promotional tools. By using a set of social media platforms like, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Facebook they have successfully developed product awareness and consumer engagement.

  • Their Twitter page has been mainly used to shine light on the FUTURELIFE® Foundation Trust showing the various community projects they have been supporting ranging from sustainable feeding programmes and delivering school desks made of recycled FUTURELIFE® packaging and plastic to disadvantaged communities in South Africa. Link to their Twitter page: 
  • FUTURELIFE® uses their Instagram page as a visual marketing platform to point out the various ways to combine their products with other ingredients to create unique, delicious and nutritious meals. These different ways of use sparks the interest of new consumers and keeps the current consumers intrigued. Link to their Instagram Page: 
  • Facebook is where FUTURELIFE® gets the most social media exposure. 2017 Is FUTURELIFE®’s 10th year anniversary and they use this page to promote several competitions and R1 million in prizes to be won by simply purchasing a 500g box of FUTURELIFE® Smart food. Their Facebook community consists of over 126k followers and a 4.4/5 page rating. Facebook encourages consumers to give feedback about the FUTURELIFE® experience. Link to their Facebook page: 
  • YouTube is the video hub for FUTURELIFE®’s product advertising. Brand ambassadors are used in FUTURELIFE®’s marketing videos to spike interest and increase views. How-To tutorials are also available showing funky-fresh new ways to prepare FUTURELIFE® infused meals. Link to their  YouTube page: 

FUTURELIFE®’s brand ambassador Bernard Parker featured in their latest TV ad promoting their new Smart food. He’s an idol for many young and upcoming sport stars who try to mimic his lifestyle. FUTURELIFE® used Parker to gain brand awareness in the football and sport community. Check out the video below:

Another way FUTURELIFE® have been successful in getting customer’s attention when trying to promote a new product, for instance the FUTURELIFE® Smart bars, they use sales promotions on the cover of other existing products or include a free sample bar within the Smart food boxes. These techniques trigger their attention about the new product, but also increases the sales of the Smart food boxes because of the “free” bar inside.

FUTURELIFE®’s website is very user friendly making it easy to find information about their wide product range and nutritional benefits. It has all the up to date media (videos, photos and articles) related to the brand’s products and its ambassadors. The website also has its own hub where consumers can seek nutritional and lifestyle advice and also discover fun new recipes. They also use direct marketing through the web where they provide the option of subscribing to newsletters and product delivery for the consistent user.

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