If our freshness doesn’t get you naked

– our personality will.

Who is Lush Cosmetics?

LUSH Fresh Handmade Cosmetics is a fun, quirky and communicative brand offering a wide range of cosmetic products. Lush strives to limit their footprint by getting naked – selling their products unpackaged or in a bio-degradable form. An innovative, socially responsible, fresh and natural cosmetic brand adding color and creativity through their organic, handmade products while staying true to their values. The brand does not lack colour, freshness, innovation or anything else great; focusing their efforts on ensuring ethical business and a strong anti-animal testing stance.

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And our personality…

IBP (Integrated brand promotion) is a holistic method of coordinating a brand’s messaging and their value proposition across all elements of the marketing mix. LUSH Cosmetics has a rather apparent brand personality, standing up for their environmentally conscious outlook and offering a fresh, colourful solution to the needs of their consumers. LUSH has adopted an electronic personality online, spending nothing on advertising, and instead using social media, content marketing and a strong brand purpose to build buzz around its products. This approach reflects a core value of the brand itself: authenticity.

“We really want the person getting engaged with our brand or sharing content about our brand to share how they truly feel, what their authentic experience was, and to share something that’s really authentic about how they’ve interacted with the brand – as opposed to (Lush) paying for something and then maybe not necessarily getting a truly authentic response,” Natasha Ritz said.

This transparent authenticity allows for consumers to build trust within the brand and leads to mutually beneficial long-term relationships.

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How do we get your attention?

Resonance for a brand can be determined by the number of regular repeat purchases, the sense of community when associating themselves with a brand, and the level of active engagement even when they are not purchasing the goods; such as online chats, clubs or following the brand on social media.  LUSH uses Facebook and Twitter as platforms to engage with consumers and answer any enquiries. Since LUSH does not use the traditional methods of advertising they rely solely on positive word-of-mouth via social media. However, when looking at their instagram page and tagged photos the consumers delight in posts about new products arriving to stores as well as posting their own pictures of their colourful LUSH products which expresses their sense of community and love for the brand. Across social media the brand has developed a consistent style and personality while encouraging interaction and user-generated content to allow others to get a feel for the brand as well as being able to examine the consumer’s reactions to the products.

Getting the “LUSH experience”

LUSH is focused on perpetually improving the customer’s “LUSH experience” by offering their fresh handmade goods in a unique setting; characterized by bright vibrant colours and employees that are trained in creating conversation to help raise customer satisfaction and shape the brand image. The consistency between the product attributes and the in-store experience resonates with the consumer and positively influences their attitude towards the brand. By developing this unique “LUSH experience” the customer can develop emotions associated with the brand such as fun and social approval from using LUSH’s aesthetically pleasing yet ethical products, thus the feelings for the brand improve and so does the positive word of mouth communication. This ultimately allows for advertising!

Building a loyal family

LUSH ensures their values are known and their innovative creativity recognized through IBP. In-store advertising and packaging promoting their stance leads to word-of-mouth advertising, this is further enhanced by the information found online. LUSH seems to have established a strong, loyal and positive consumer base supporting the brands values and enjoying the results of the natural products. Many online comments and blog posts rave about LUSH’s products as well as their environmentally-friendly and ethical business plan. Consumers seem to consider LUSH as a brand of superior quality and credibility, this positive evaluation stems from the brands accessibility and the availability of creative, fresh products (with products being made every week) and continuous introduction of new, improved and innovative products. When judging LUSH cosmetics, it is difficult not to see the brand positively due to their focus on sustainability and innovative creativity.

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