Ray-Ban sunglasses are a timeless classic.  Ray-Ban caters to the surfer boy; the rock-star; the business corporate and the festival hipster. So versatile that you can name the occasion but ultimately, they are for the trendsetters.

Where it all began…

For 80 years Ray-ban have been the leaders in men and women’s eyewear fashion. They have been the catalysts for vintage and modern fashion trends and the first brand that comes to mind when one thinks of sunglasses. From humble beginnings of protecting military recruits from the blazing sun to shielding Hollywood stars from the overwhelming paparazzi, Ray-ban has propelled itself to become the most iconic eyewear brand in the world.


Ray-Ban’s main promotional efforts have come through a concept they call stories which is “a treasure trove of cool thoughts, music, free apps and more”.


R A Y -B A N – N E V E R  H I D E

‘Never hide’ was Ray-Ban’s most successful marketing campaign – It is a mass media campaign that often challenges the norm and encouraged consumers to be bold and stand up for what they believe in. It particularly encourages the notion that the biggest fashion statement a person can make is being themselves. ‘Never hide’ emphasizes how Ray-Ban have always been leaders in the industry, they stick out and trend-set. They have been pioneers in eyewear innovation and their edgy, rock-star vibe has been echoed throughout the fashion eras.

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W H A T ‘ S   H (A P P) E N I N G ?

Ray-Ban firstly offers a number of apps to entice customers to their product such as the Reflections app which is in line with the ‘Never Hide’ campaign.

Reflections app

The Reflections app allows you to open the front and back camera of your smartphone when taking a selfie and merge the two images. This gives you the ability to take a selfie and show your friends where you are in the world. You can then add effects, filters and edit the photo to your liking. The app aligns itself with the ‘Never Hide’ campaign.

The Regards app

Another app they have developed is one which provides a wider range of emoticons for your smartphone that include smiley faces wearing Ray-Ban sunglasses.

Music app – Rewind

Rediscover your love for mix tapes with new music releases brought to you in an old-school style. You can download your favourite music and listen on-the-go.

N O I S E,  N O I S E,  N O I S E

Sharing the love musicians have been showing us for generations, Noise is Ray-Ban’s one-stop-shop for all things music.

Ray-ban’s concept, Noise, creates a playlist from some of the public’s favourite artists and then allows the public to download these playlists for free. They also include videos under the Noise campaign of live concerts and events that Ray-Ban has sponsored.

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F I L M 

The Ray-Ban film channel is an online platform allowing creative consumers to express themselves featuring Ray-Ban sunglasses. Consumers can create innovative films, share it and get featured on the Ray-Ban website. Whether you’re looking for weird, beautiful, or both, there is a film for you.

T R Y   B E F O R E   Y O U   B U Y

Have you ever wondered what an alternative pair of sunglasses may look on you? Create your Virtual Model thanks to Ray-Ban’s advanced face mapping technology which allows you to see yourself in any pair of sunglasses from multiple angles.


L E T ‘ S  R E F L E C T  O N  T H I S  S P E C T A C L E

Ray-Ban is timeless, versatile and cool. They are pioneers in terms of fashion and sunglasses trends and this has propelled them to be the iconic, well-renowned brand that we know today. Ray-Ban have been putting their competitors in the SHADE for 80 years and are for the people with a BRIGHT future.RAYBAN_LOGO