If you’re not living life on the edge, are you living?

The history behind the lens

GoPro was founded by adrenaline junkie, Nick Woodman in 2002, after returning from a surfing trip in Australia. Woodman realized that there was a gap in the action sports industry, in terms of the availability and ability of photographers to capture the thrilling moments of extreme sports enthusiasts, up close. The opportunity was brought to life in a not so American dream-like fashion, such as a multi-national lab, but rather out of his oh-so very ordinary garage. The result? The world’s best action camera within its industry, with features as extreme as the users themselves.



Today, GoPro has been considered the most successful and rapid growing camera company around the world. However, it’s not the selling of the camera that has contributed to the success of the brand. The success lies in the multiple integrated brand promotion (IBP) efforts that GoPro has adopted to create a community amongst consumers and the brands products.

How GoPro captures your attention:

User Generated Content and User Generated Advertising 

GoPro has adapted its advertising efforts towards a trend of involving consumers in the success of the brand. GoPro encourages users of their products to submit video footage and photographs of themselves performing the activities that they believe, make them a hero of their own stories. By using consumer generated footage for advertising purposes, a relationship of trust, loyalty and legitimacy is built amongst consumers, the product and the brand.

Many seem to think that advertising that is not paid for, can in no way be successful. However, GoPro crosses the boundaries in this regard, as the brand is associated with extreme sports enthusiasts. The content that is generated throughout the activities carried out by these individuals, blows the minds of viewers through the extremity and risk-taking that the athletes take on.

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An example of user generated content

Source: Own source 

GoPro’s first scripted TV Ad: Capture Different Campaign

In 2016, GoPro decided to embark on a new marketing effort that they had never tried before. Swaying away from user generated content, GoPro released their first ever scripted television advertisement. This marketing decision was carried out due to the narrow target market of only extreme sports enthusiasts being targeted in the user generated advertising. By developing a television advertisement, whereby individuals considered to be “normal” are included and involved in the use of a GoPro, a new target market was able to be identified. The advertisement further more encourages individuals to become more apart of the moments that they are missing out on. The video clip below displays the television advertisement: Capture Different.

Source: goo.gl/KLvXDM

Sharing your experience

By having created a social media community with over five million YouTube subscribers, 10 428 810 likes on Facebook, thirteen million Instagram followers and 917 000 followers on Twitter, GoPro has created a platform for individuals to share their content and memories with different people around the globe. By becoming involved in social media, GoPro has furthermore established a sense of community and unity through users and viewers alike. Feelings of superiority and heroism arise within those who receive the feedback and views on their shared footage. This platform automatically creates a form of advertising for GoPro as watermarked content is shared, liked and commented on a global basis.

GoPro has also established their own app whereby GoPro users are encouraged to share their captured moments under exclusive features on the official GoPro website. These include “Photo of the Day” and “Video of the Day”. Those who run the GoPro website, personally choose from these folders and post the best video and photograph on the official GoPro media platforms. This allows users of GoPro to feel in line with GoPro’s slogan “Be A Hero”, as their content is published worldwide.

GoPro has created a community whereby passion and excitement is shared amongst those who use the product and those who classify themselves as GoPro supporters. The extremity of the product has been passed down to its consumers, showing user generated content that goes beyond the limits of life. If GoPro continues with their consumer-focused strategies, the brand will remain successful.

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