The greatest and the worst thing about Happy Socks is choosing the best one to invest your daily ventures in but regardless of the choice that we make, Happy Socks provide and emanate a smile from below. Happy Socks are like puns and remind me of one. What do you call a bear with no socks on? Barefoot. Just like a pun, Happy Socks are ebullient, joyful, complete, and different.

Happy Socks defined

Happy Socks originated in Sweden in 2008 and turned an everyday essential into the cotton emotion of creativity, innovativeness, quality, and craftsmanship.  Normally, socks would be hidden but now it is brightly blazing into people’s hearts, minds and shoes. A colourful combination that builds our confidence, self-worth, appreciating the small things in life and complete, if not betters our wardrobe. Most importantly, Happy Socks make people feel happy in their own shoes, satisfied with who they are.


Source: Own photo

The photos and video illustrate Happy Socks perfectly. It illustrates how comfortable they are, that they are a connection point to bring prospective and current friends together, jubilant, extravagant, makes an individual feel confident and proud to walk in their shoes and it is for everybody.

Please watch our short-film based on the people’s perspective of Happy Socks:

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Happy Socks are sold in more than

  • 90 countries
  • 10000 top fashion boutiques
  • The originator in transforming an everyday essential, showcasing its supremacy through their distribution all around the world to numerous consumers of diversity.

The enthralling thing is that there is not a specific target market. Happy Socks have a highly versatile market. Happy Socks can be worn by hipsters to business people, by students to grandparents and much more. Their target market is unisex, outgoing and playful people who would like to be young at heart and colourful at feet.


Champion On All Social Platforms

Happy Socks have collaborated with inspirational brands and figures such as Snoop Dogg, Adidas, Pharrell Williams and numerous more.

Happy Socks successfully use these famous figures and brands to expand their market, consumer knowledge, and prospective customers. Similarly using their own and the artist’s social media pages to advertise and communicate all the different campaigns.

Happy Socks is well-known in the press and is posted about in major publications and is active in the “blogosphere and on social networks”.

Happy Socks uses customers to endorse their content. Their customers create the content on their Instagram Page. They send customers, for example, Alex Damian, Happy Socks and ask them to take pictures and send it to Happy Socks.

This is a mutually satisfying exchange in which they build up positive feelings about the brand, communicating and creating long-term relationships. One of the greatest marketing techniques is word-of-mouth and by building these positive relationships, people will be speaking about Happy Socks and because Happy Socks are so easily visible due to their vibrant colours, the topic will, most probably, be opened and those customers will share their positive feelings and share the joy of Happy Socks.


Source: Own photo


Whimsically Woven

If we had to describe Happy Socks in two words, it would be whimsically woven.

In being whimsical, it shows the playful, ebullient and amusing part that brings a euphoric explosion to change all daily perceptions and bring mutual satisfaction. Woven refers to how it is entwined and how all people are woven together.

Happy Socks are worn by the diversity, uniting people and bringing them together regardless of who they are, their race, gender etc. On their social media pages, Happy Socks advertisers the diversity in all forms, the whole family, males and females, different races and cultures, and even animals.


The End Is Only The Beginning 

Happy Socks don’t just state their values, personality and brand quality but also substantiates all through their marketing and their products. Happy Socks have knitted their way into our hearts and onto our feet.  Their social media shows what they stand for is what they will provide. Happy Socks receive those in-love eyes, hearts of all colours, and copiously more emoticons well-deserved for delivering in excellence. We are excited for skiing over slippery floors, brightening dark days, creating joy within sadness and create expectation where previously was only apathy with our cotton emotions that is Happy Socks.