Adults follow paths. Children explore. 

Once upon a time a kind, middle-aged man started to experiment with some sticky, sugary mass in his grandmother’s laundry kitchen…

Rooted in tradition

It was the year 1922, when Hans Riegel created the very first gold bear in a small backyard kitchen  in a village in the German Rhineland. A tiny figure that would later go down in history as the world-famous HARIBO gold bear. The only ingredient Hans was provided with being a sack of sugar and some basic cooking utensils, he added a lot of love, a hand full of passion, and a dash of fortune in finding the right mix that should lay the foundation for the unique success story of HARIBO.

HARIBO products

Keeping the inner child alive

From that day onwards, HARIBO continuously grew to become a traditional family brand, being driven by the highest quality standards and the inspiring idea to always keep the inner child alive. The ‘childlike’ HARIBO way of life is filled with fun, joy and happiness instead of drowning in daily routine. 

Such values are deeply rooted in the heart of the company and are apparent in any single action it undertakes.


An especially noteworthy campaign with this regards is the ‘kids’ voices’ campaign that the company has first launched in the U.K. in 2014 and later brought to the U.S. The campaign features adults in ‘serious’ life situations, with their voices being synchronized by those of young children. The campaign mirrors the brilliant way HARIBO manages to let consumers travel back in time, to forget about the earnestness of the life of a grown-up and to be reminded of what really counts in life: Happiness.


Collecting chestnuts or memories?

Another outstanding example of how HARIBO communicates its mantra ‘Kids and grown-ups love it so, the happy world of HARIBO’, is a huge, yearly chestnut collection that takes place in the company’s home town in Germany. The collection is based on a tradition that goes back to the year of 1936, when HARIBO’s founder Hans Riegel asked children to collect chestnuts for his venison, giving them sweets in return. Today, the chestnuts are donated to wildlife parks in the area, and the participants are not only children, but people from every age group. Especially the older ones are not only getting sweets in return, but also a little part of their childhood.

Chestnut exchange in Bonn

The big picture

Started from a small backyard kitchen, HARIBO has evolved to become a world market leader for candy from fruit gum and liquorice, now run by the third generation. Having used various communication means and channels, the company managed to develop a unique, heart-warming brand personality that is loved by kids and grown ups all over the world.

“And that’s the target market, the child inside of all of us, whatever age we may be.”

– Jon Howard

Continuous brand management, the highest standards of quality and the loyalty of consumers make up a large part of the success story worldwide. HARIBO combines fun and childhood memories with future oriented innovation and remains faithful to its line despite constantly new flavours and varieties.

And the most important thing is, it gives us back what so many of us lose during stressful jobs and daily routines: The ease of our childhood.

Embrace happiness with HARIBO.


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