Never Stop. Never Settle.”

Following the odyssey of unwavering excellence. A personality created through passion, ambition, and the love of Cognac.

Often referred to as the mother of spirits, Cognac dates back to the 16th century, originating in Cognac, France. It has been distilled by Hennessy since it’s inception in 1765 and  built a reputation for quality ever since.

Distinction with every single note of Hennessy

This short video clip illustrates different flavours Hennessy’s cognac offers to the consumer in an audio visual way. From the “initial sweet notes” to the “infinite echo”, a sip is stretched into a smoky, seductive universe. The piece itself is a work of art and seeks to recruit a new generation of luxury drinkers.

Source: Hennessy X.O Odyssey

Chapter I – Finding One’s Self

The American rapper Nas appeared on a huge billboard on the New York Times Square in June, 2013. Nas also acted as celebrity for the wild rabbit campaign. Using celebrity endorsement personifies the ethos of the brand, which is success and ambition. This allows consumers to identify with these figureheads, and the prosperity associated with them.

What's your wild rabbit
Source: New York Times

“What’s your wild rabbit?”
As part of the “Never Stop. Never Settle” campaign, Hennessy introduced the “What’s your wild rabbit?” slogan with celebrity endorsement represented by Erykah Badu and Martin Scorsese, to name a few. The slogan helps consumers visualise their soul ambition aka their wild rabbit.

Chapter II – Rising Star

In August 2017, the brand gained exposure on SuperSport 2, where the much anticipated and debated match-up of Conor McGregor VS Floyd Mayweather was aired. Hennessy was one of the main sponsors of the illustrious event. The brand featured on the top left of the screen, as well as pop-up ads between rounds. The campaign spoke to a key value which most of their customers are grappling with; realising one’s own potential.

Chapter III – Embracing the Change

Hennessy  has recently been mentioned in US hip hop songs, with luxury brands such as Gucci, Lamborghini and Nike.

hennessy black
Source: Hennessy Black

The brand realised they needed to adopt a new approach in order to communicate with the target demographic: Hispanic and African American males, age 21 to 35. Social media was the answer; as a result Hennessy endeavoured to achieve an online presence through ingenuity. They also released their first new product since 1961, Hennessy Black. This was aimed to appeal to the younger generations, and penetrate the club scene as a substitute to Tequila and Vodka. Consumers perceived the brand as conservative and old fashioned, the new approaches implemented by Hennessy are set to change the face of the brand in the eye of the consumer.

Chapter IV – Concord

Hennessy embraces the importance of not only driving influence online but also engaging with the consumers at ground level, offline. Hennessy has successfully implemented its integrated brand promotion efforts; and as a result has managed to evolve its image in order to capture the younger audience without alienating its current, loyal consumer base.



Hennessy: 250 years of tradition and the journey to finesse continues.

“Harmony. Mastered from Chaos.” 


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