The Story about One Man who Walked Across the World.

Where Johnnie Started Walking

John Walker started to sell whisky from his own grocer’s shop in a small Scottish town, Kilmarnock. After his death in 1856, his son, Alexander, took the business forward and launched their first commercial blend in 1867 known as ‘Old Highland Whisky’. Walker changed his look by using the famous square bottles and 24-degree labels, making them highly popular and competitive . The whisky became extremely famous in a short while, and it was the start of a journey leading all the way to the top of the world. Read more.

jw gold
The Infamous Johnnie Walker Logo


The Walker’s Word

A few values and promises became prominent in their journey and created the perfect image of quality, success and progress in life. Johnnie Walker aspire to deliver beverages that fuels ambition and creates a rich experience to give men the confidence and willpower that success require.  They focus on making their products personal with special messages, extraordinary tastes and qualities. Their promises make them confident, bold, determined and trustworthy; all the qualities for a true gentleman.

Walking in Colors

Johnnie Walker launched 6 main blends over the years, making them a massive supplier in the market. All the blends has different and unique tastes, methods of brewing and characteristics to give each blend his own personality and feel.

Johnnie Walker
The 6 Colors of Johnnie Walker


They used this idea of different colors and personalities to make their products more relatable and personal to consumers. Johnnie Walker wanted to reach more people with this color-range. Every color can relate to people on an emotional level and to a specific occasion. For instance; The Red Label is the lowest priced blend known for its everyday-use and as an energetic refreshment at normal parties, because it blends well other drinks. The Blue Label, however, is very expensive and only used at special events. The taste is more intimate, deep and serious; the perfect drink for perfect occasions. Read more.

Two Johnnie Walker Labels

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There is three aspects when it comes to selecting the color:

  1. Will the color be based on the heritage of the blend?
  2. What is the different kinds of flavor in stock?
  3. What association will the consumer make between the heritage and the linking of the flavor?

The campaign, “Flavour is King,” was used to promote the different colors of Johnnie Walker by using advertisements that was unique to each Label. Complementary fruits, big bottles of whisky, intense colors and strange, yet creative, characters made the posters distinctive and captured the attention of millions of consumers. Every poster represented the linked Label in an extraordinary way. Read more.

flavour 4
3 Examples of the “Flavour is King” posters


A Joyful Journey

Johnnie Walker launched their largest global campaign in the history of the brand in 2015. They changed the 16-year-old and famous “Keep Walking” tagline to “Joy will Take you Further. Keep Walking.”

An Advertisement from the campaign “Joy Will Take you Further”” featuring Jude Law.


This tagline and image moves the brand from a work hard-and-persevere message to one saying that joy is the key to progress and success in life.  Johnnie Walker wanted to help change the stereotype that hard work is the only road to success and they wanted to reach more people on an emotional level with this approach. The global brand director, Guy Escolme, said that they want to motivate their customers to do what makes them happy and not just for the sake of money and fame.

“If you start from a place of happiness, optimism and joy, it is a big accelerator of people’s progress and success in their lives”- Guy Escolme

The new campaign was launched in 50 countries within the first 10 days and reached an estimated audience of 270 million consumers globally in that time. A video of 90 seconds was the first TV ad for this campaign starring Jude Law, rock group OK Go, Formula One racer Jenson Button and a few other who portrays the image of happiness.

joyWatch Video:

This whisky is famous for their love for good blends, exceptional quality and tasty, yet creative beverages. They show us that it indeed is possible to move forward and to evolve with the purpose of  fitting in to modern lifestyles while still keeping their history and heritage alive. Johnnie Walker is the only person still walking after almost 200 years. May they keep on walking for a lot more.

Two of the most popular and affordable Labels.

Source: Own Photo

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