OREO challenges YOU!

The launch of the famous #OreoDunkChallenge is here and we want you to be a part of the Oreo apocalypse! This challenge embodies a vision of sweet secrets and surprises to turn your cookie-coated dreams into reality.

There is more than meets the cookie…

  • Oreo recently celebrated its 105th birthday on the 6th of March and the celebrations don’t stop there!
  • Oreo is known as the Worlds Number 1 Best Selling Cookie and strives to continue creating a world where a cookie is more than just a cookie. From integrating with Cadbury’s milk chocolate to Breyers Blast ice-cream, Oreo diversifies itself by promoting its products through other well-known brands.
  • The content created on Oreos social media pages is attention grabbing and consumers have the ability to share posts effectively, broadening the target market to a larger extent.
  • Oreo maintains its prestigious image by incorporating integrated brand promotion strategies. The Oreo campaign that followed the blackout at the Super Bowl event in 2013, captioning “You can still dunk in the dark” was spread all over Twitter within seconds and as a result, won the Marketing Super Bowl.

So what is the “OREO Dunk Challenge”?

  • It is a globally integrated marketing campaign which aims to enthuse consumers to dunk Oreo cookies in milk, bringing back feelings of nostalgia as the “Twist-Lick-Dunk” memories come pouring back.
  • Consumers are encouraged to find unique ways to dunk their cookies into glasses of milk – whether it be from a high building, blindfolded or beer-pong style!
  • Videos are added to social media websites such as Facebook, Instagram, Youtube or Twitter using the hashtag #OreoDunkChallenge
Oreo Dunk Challenge

Stand a chance to WIN!

  • The challenge awards the most creative and original cookie-dunkers a cash prize of R30 000 along with some extra special treats.
  • To enter, send your video footage to http://www.oreo.com

Challenge “Candyman” Christina!

“I teamed up with @Oreo to pull off the most daring dunk #OreoDunkChallenge #ad” – Christina Aguilera

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2gJMoa3Lrds

Christina Aguilera, along with Neymar da Silva Santo, Jr. and Shaquille O’Neal, is one of the three celebrity endorsers of the Oreo Dunk Challenge. Her enthusiasm in the brand shines out as she grew up with the products and being apart of the campaign brings out her inner-child.

As the celebrity is a very famous singer and actor, the Oreo Dunk Challenge gained popularity through her reputation of being a highly followed user on Instagram and Twitter, thus increasing brand awareness through her fans.

Google joins the challenge!

With the help of google, Oreo cookies can be virtually dunked into space and back using your phone! Simply visit www.oreospacedunk.com and watch your Oreo cookie bounce into space and return to earth in the virtual world!

Why choose Oreo?

Oreo products are sold in over 100 countries, as it is known to be the best-selling cookie in the 21st century! Oreos rated as one of the top five brand Facebook pages in the whole universe.

Oreo is an international brand and represents family bonding experiences. Oreo launched an Oreo Togetherness Quotient bus that aimed to create opportunities for families to spend quality time together.

A campaign known as ‘The Oreo Togetherness’ campaign was introduced in India. The campaign required families across the world to sign a pledge, promising to spend time with your family. The campaign aimed to create family togetherness in India but it gained global attention.

Oreo has increased brand awareness through these campaigns as Oreo emphasises their goal to promote family togetherness. Social media spreads Oreo’s love across the world and continues to do so!

Lets get dunking!