Whether Messi’s chips is being stolen or smiles being passed on by a packet of chips, there is no doubt that Lay’s has a good scene of humor.

Sport star commercials

  • Direct marketing: Through using famous sport stars like Lionel Messi and Francois Pienaar to promote their products, Lay’s uses direct marketing to target soccer and rugby supporters. Both these sports are large spectating sports during which Lay’s chips can be enjoyed. Also soccer and rugby are some of the sports in the world with the largest amount of supporters, thus it is a excellent target market for Lay’s.
  • Brand Entertainment: By presenting their advertisements in a comical way, it is more appealing for repetitive viewing and is also easily remembered by the potential customers. An example of this is the advert where Messi poses for a artist thinking that the artist is painting a portrait of him, meanwhile the artist only paint the Lay’s chips that Messi held in his had and in the process of painting the artist ate all of Messi’s chips.

    Messi Lays ad
    Messi being robbed!!!

Source: http://aww.su/DIruP

Do us a flavor

  • Social media: Lay’s advertised largely on social media to get the word out that they are hosting another ‘do us a flavor’ competition which gave consumers the opportunity to suggest a new flavor to Lay’s and the winner receives a $1 000 000 cash prize. Lay’s is a 85 year old brand and in order to renew them self they used social media to gain important insight about the way that modern consumers think about brands, and how that impacts their purchase decisions in a rapidly changing marketplace.
    Lay’s Instagram advertisement


    Source: Instagram

    Social media enables consumers to voice their preferences and this is very convenient  for Lay’s to define their product range to suit their target.


  • Public Relations:  Through the ‘Do Us a Flavor’ campaign Lay’s created an unprecedented feeling of excitement, which created a lot of interaction between Lay’s and it’s consumers. Thus creating a better and stronger relationship between Lay’s and it’s consumers which results in brand loyalty.

#PassASmile campaign 

  • Source: Own photo
  • The #PassASmile campaign are one of Lay’s most popular campaigns that brought smiles on people’s faces right around the world.
  • Packaging:The smile is represented on the package of the chips, which has over 27 different smiles to suite all nations and moods.
  • Point of sales:Lay’s mainly used social media to create awareness of the campaign, but the point of sales element plays a main role because the smile is represented on the packaging.
  • Social media sites:The #PassASmile campaign went viral on social media sites like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. People would share their photo with the smile of their choice with the hashtag PassASmile, and doing so Lay’s created a lot of awareness under their target market.
  • Public relations:Through this campaign Lay’s built and is still building a strong relationship with the customers by interacting with them and putting a smile on their faces, literately and figuratively that would result in consumer loyalty.
  • Lay’s main goal with this campaign was to create a feeling of happiness and entertainment. The brand wanted the Lay’s smile to become contagious, and they have succeeded.
Lay’s smiles always enlightening the mood

Source: Own Photo