Lusciously smooth, meticulously refined, irresistibly rich… unmistakably Lindt.

From its inception dating all the way back to 1845, the Swiss chocolatier and confectionery master has graced the hands and hearts of sweet cravers worldwide with its high-end tasty treats. Since then, chocolate producers around the globe have yet to uncover the mystery behind Lindt’s handcrafted recipe and ‘melt-in-your-mouth’ texture. The underlying secret paramount to their initial success was the Lindor filling and its rich, decadent consistency, which remains unparalleled even today. It is said that with every minute that passes, close to 7,000 Lindor balls are devoured across the globe. With this in mind, one can truly testify that Rodolphe Lindt’s dream, which once started in a small, antiquated factory in the heart of Switzerland, has now become a reality. Today, Lindt & Sprüngli is one of the world’s leading brands with over 300 owned outlets internationally; all of them known not only for the chocolate, but for the originality and pioneering ardor of tenacious entrepreneurs.


Immerse in the art of transcendence

Over the years, Lindt has cultivated an ambience that embodies all that the company stands for and hopes to achieve. Their unique appetite for sublimity has imparted a deep-rooted culture, which directly appeals to our tendency to self-indulge. Offering premium products with a vast array of flavours and ingredients, Lindt has successfully captured the essence of excellence through their effective use of integrated marketing and promotions. The brand allocates its funds across numerous media platforms, ensuring that its message is not just heard and understood, but also internalized. The tone of their campaigns and advertisements sets the stage for sophistication and artisanal pleasure as they showcase their passion and finesse for the delicate art of chocolate-making.

The mere experience that identifies a prime piece of chocolate and its associated brand name is something that Lindt holds in high regard. Therefore, Lindt have gone above and beyond in ensuring that their advertisement campaigns, online presence and in-store displays are tailored to fit their refined persona. Through strategic appearances in luxury magazines and targeted television programs, consumers are transported into a more responsive state while being captivated by gourmet foods and artisanal crafts. The bold emphasis on flavor, accessibility, health and now smaller helpings – Lindt Hello bars for example, has encouraged the growth of the brand and its image over its rivals. Lindt’s broadcasts, both in print and on screen always convey the same theme. With recurring images of smooth melted chocolate, meticulously handcrafted and tenderly wrapped, one can be reassured of Lindt as a worthy choice not only for premium quality, but also for attention to detail.


A taste of Swiss pride

The brand’s association with world-renowned tennis sensation, Rodger Federer has created convenient platform with which to foster Lindt’s cultural pride and devout heritage. The use of such celebrity endorsements and affiliated sponsored events has created a great deal of awareness for the brand, encompassing its unique and prestigious values and reinforcing a reputation of excellence. The firm has recently undergone a campaign for the launch of the Lindt cafés in six selected markets worldwide. These chocolate boutiques offer a new and innovative way of reaching their market and provide a platform for unprecedented growth. Through embracing their traditional Swiss heritage, Lindt have redefined their customers’ shopping experience and combined their passion for delicious food and exquisite taste with a deep-rooted culture. This enriches the overall chocolate experience, allowing customers to leave with their hunger satisfied – both physically and emotionally.

All things considered, whether you are after intense flavours, creamy centers or luscious textures, Lindt & Sprüngli have got it covered. All there is left for you to do is take the first step towards the Lindt-way to heaven…

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 Lindt: Edible love with delectable taste