Money is an important business, and everyone wants it! Investec is a unique asset management company, trusted by consumers around the world and for good reason…

Investec’s success as an organization can be traced directly to their integrated brand promotion efforts (IBP), which differentiate the brand from others in the industry. IBP is an essential factor for in Investec’s successful marketing, as it displays their values across the entire marketing mix of the business. Investec is a brand that embodies:

  • Quality
  • Innovation
  • Integrity
  • Service excellence

“Welcome to Investec, a distinctive specialist bank and asset manager. We know you need solutions relevant to your needs and ambitions, so we fashion everything we do around you, the client.” – Investec

Corporate Responsibility

Investec demonstrates excellent environmental as well as social consciousness. Evidence of this can be seen in programs such as the Investec Rhino Lifeline to which Investec has contributed more than R10 million on education, rescues, and reducing the demand for rhino horn. Investec also sponsors many social outreach programs such as the Investec ProMaths campaign which aims at improving education in poverty stricken areas.


This aspect of the brand’s business activities gives customers confidence by showing that the brand is concerned with the broader issues affecting society, differentiating them from other brands.

Customer Captivation

Investec is known for campaigns that connect to customers. Captivating advertisements, well-run campaigns and moving customer stories promote excellent customer relations and satisfaction, creating a great sense of brand loyalty and trust with respect to its clients.

Investec possess the unique insight that consumers are afraid of being ‘put into a box’, this insight has prompted the “#MoreThanData” campaign that distinguishes individuals from being generalised into groups and creates a sense of importance of each individual client. Other campaigns include the “Out of the Ordinary” stories that seek to inspire and motivate clients, and the #Reserved4Me campaign aimed at graduates. Investec continuously builds on its good reputation and has established itself as an excellent brand, loved and trusted by many.


Investec has various marketing campaigns that specifically communicate their genuine concern and care towards its clients and their exclusive status as a bank. The imagery used in Investec’s marketing has great psychological appeal and creates a sense of inspiration and excitement. Individuals are made to feel inspired after watching an Investec advertisement, and the message always remains in their minds.

Public Presence

Investec also sponsors many social events to celebrate out of the ordinary performance. Not only is this promoting the brand’s ideals but it also allows the brand to connect to likeminded individuals while simultaneously increasing public awareness of the brand. Such events include (to name a few):

  • Rubgy
  • Hockey
  • Horse racing
  • Cricket

Technological Presence

Technology is becoming an incredibly important factor in the competitive environment and Investec has revolutionized the banking process via simplicity, convenience, and most importantly connecting to consumers. A major contributing factor to Investec’s success in terms of being a well-known and reliable brand is the number of various technology platforms used.

Investec makes use of social media sites such as Facebook and YouTube to advertise which increases their brand awareness and creates more exposure of new campaigns and provides a solid platform for promotional activities. Television adverts and movie theatre adverts are also used effectively by Investec in order to reach the masses and target a large market. Investec is a brand which has a core philosophy of customer service demonstrated by the constant availability of quality customer support both online and telephonically.

Customer’s have access to easy and convenient online services.

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In the end, Investec has captivated many individuals. The brand makes excellent use of IBP and has thus created a huge base of confident customers. The quality and value of Investec’s marketing strategy and brand promotion sets it aside from other companies, and this lies at the heart of their success. Investec’s motto “out of the ordinary” perfectly surmises their brand essence and is the driver of the brand’s IBP efforts.




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