Sweat streaming down your back after a 5km run.

Flushed red trying to pick up a weight in the gym.

Upside-down yoga poses you know you’re going to fall over doing.

Awkward “penguin- runs” when you’re late for class.

When you’re feeling at your ugliest – MOVEPRETTY will be there to wipe your tears with their soft, extra length Shanghai Hug Me legging, dress you in their slim-fit Marble warm Zip Hoodie and tell you that no matter what move you do – you MOVEPRETTY, pretty girl.

Where these Pretty moves come from.

MOVEPRETTY’s mission is woman empowerment, the brand follows through with this mission by not only empowering the women who wear the clothes, but also the women who make them. MOVEPRETTY’s athleisure wear is designed by founders Mari Rabie, a double Olympic South African triathlete, and her friend Annelize Kotze, a fashion designer. Mari and Annelize know exactly what to design to make women feel beautiful, while still being comfortable as their diverse backgrounds bring unique elements to their stylish active-wear garments.

MOVEPRETTY is proudly South African, and embraces that by designing clothes that are inspired by the Cape Contour Lines, and colours of the Protea. South Africa is also supported as local women are employed – they are paid fair wages and treated in a way that makes them feel strong, valued, beautiful and inspired.

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Where “Ath”letics meets “Leisure”.

A healthy lifestyle doesn’t necessarily require a trip to the gym, going for a run or doing a full Kayla Itsines workout. MOVEPRETTY allows you to build those muscles while in your favourite leisure outfit.

  • Yes, riding the elevator is fun, but so is having legs like a Victoria’s Secret model – rather take the stairs.
  • When M-Net puts commercial breaks right in the middle of the Game of Thrones Season 7 finale episode, instead of running to the fridge for emotional eating – do a few sit ups, squats and lunges right there in your living room.
  • While sitting at your desk writing that 1500-word essays that’s due tomorrow, lift your feet off the ground so your knees are 30-degrees above your hips and pull your abs tight and feel the burn, baby.
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Where marketing moves pretty.

Instalike, Instafollow, Instashare, Instacomment, Instatag – INSTAGRAM. MOVEPRETTY uses Instagram as a very important platform when promoting their prettymoves. Launch details, photos of their athleisure wear, the places MOVEPRETTY takes women, and motivation for girls are just a few of the things that get posted on MOVEPRETTY’s Instagram account. These posts are used to tell girls more about who MOVEPRETTY is and what they offer.

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MOVEPRETTY uses beautiful, strong, everyday women as models when doing photoshoots for their clothing line collections. By doing so, women can easily relate to the models, and thus the brand, as it shows that they cater for women of every shape, size, colour and form. MOVEPRETTY’s website is constantly updated to ensure everything that’s related to the business is available for viewers to see, whether it be new clothing launches, news or collaborations.

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Interestingly wonderful collaborations with other businesses like HI-TEC, SKOON and Hawk + Schoon have been formed. These strategic alliances compliment MOVEPRETTY perfectly and thus generates interest and attraction to both MOVEPRETTY and their partners.

MOVEPRETTY strategically positions themselves by taking part in events that cater for their target market, but also has the potential to build their client base. Nerina Damesontbyt, Miss ISA, and sponsoring the Maties Netball team are some of the many special occasions that strong women take part in which MOVEPRETTY has invested into.

Thank you MOVEPRETTY for allowing us to have pretty moves.

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“do your thing, do it unapologetically and always, movepretty”