Daddy: “I said no ice-cream!”

Me: “But this is frozen yoghurt.”

Daddy: ” . . . ”

In a strange turn of events, Stellenbosch University gave me the day off… so I took my allowance and spoiled myself with frozen yoghurt. I have no regrets…

The more you get of me the happier you will be.

What am I?

Do you ever get that feeling where you know you have been healthy all week? You have been to gym 5 out of the 7 days, or maybe even twice in one day (good on you!); fresh green Granny Smith apples have been the snack with maybe a teaspoon of peanut butter to go with it. You have eaten healthy meals throughout the day, but now you are just craving that sweet something. Craving that chocolate or packet of jellybeans, but you have this sense of guilt when going in for the kill. Well, it’s time to throw away that guilty feeling as there is a treat just for you!

The more you get of me the happier you will be. What am I? This is our question to you.

The answer is as simple as a four-letter word. This guilt-free, delicious snack is provided to you by no other than the famous Myog!

A selfie taken by Kelsey, Tazzlyn and Kelly-Anne enjoying the delicious flavours that Myog have to offer.


Did someone say September SPECIAL?

upsize amount

EVERYDAY, EVERYDAY, EVERYDAY thanks to Ariana, everyday this September, Myog offers a generously fantastic special called “Up-size”. This allows customers to up-size all orders for no extra charge between 5pm-8pm. This means that if you order the flavours of your choice, with or without toppings, you can pay for a small Myog, but will receive a medium, or even better, a medium and receive a large!


Good news for the day!

You can order tubs, yes TUBS, of amazing and delicious flavours to your door through UberEats. You can order all sorts of flavours not available on the soft serve machine, like peanut butter for example. We all know that no one can go a day without a little bit of peanut butter.

Ladies and gentlemen, surely the way to your heart is through Myog’s fine art.

Not only does this wonderful store serve tubs, but their soft serve option contains frozen yoghurt that is 98% FAT FREE and there are also gluten free flavours. Let us quickly jump back to the 98% FAT FREE part. What more could one want? In a world where so many people are more health conscious, Myog brings healthy to a new level. Myog allows you to fulfill your guilty pleasure without actually being unhealthy. The fresh fruit that is provided daily adds to their healthy trade-mark, but Myog certainly caters for those needing that something sweet.

Good news for the day? More like great news!

Do you really care about the environment?

Did you know that Myog REALLY does care about the environment? How do we know this you might ask? When walking into Myog it may seem like a normal frozen yoghurt store, but the seats, tables, lights and fridges have something more to offer. The furniture is made from bamboo wood which is great for the environment as bamboo grows rapidly and regenerates from existing plants, making it both economical and environmentally friendly. Myog uses LED lights and they make use of energy saving fridges. They also recycle their cups and are investigating into getting their hands on cups that are biodegradable.

What does this mean for YOU? YOU are supporting a company that really cares and is actually being proactive within the environment. Ups to you!!



Why Myog? There are many frozen yoghurt bars around in Stellenbosch, but none like Myog. Myog gives off such positive energy by having lovely staff serving the avid customers, as well as emphasising the vibrancy by its brand colours being luminous pink and green. From vibrant colours to mouth-watering flavours and splendid specials, Myog sure does have it all.

Now stop with the reading and start with the chewing. Get yourself down to Myog now!

“Warm your soul with a cup of frozen yoghurt .”