Nando’s has proved to the world that food is only as good as the #cheeky story that comes with it – and no one tells a story better than Nando’s, right?. 1.5 million followers can’t be wrong. So have you heard it? 

From the streets of Jozi to the world; the path Nando’s forged has been #cheeky, much like their chicken!

Legend goes that in 1987 two friends went for lunch to a small Portuguese restaurant, and the flame-grilled, peri-peri chicken they devoured that day changed their lives forever – Nando’s was born.

Peri-Peri: A sauce so nice they named it twice!

Where Can I Get my hands on some #cheeky Nando’s?

  • 1000 outlets
  • 30 countries
  • 5 continents
  • 1 near you

Nando’s makes it pretty difficult to walk past that red and black logo and not feel guilty. Just incase you need to feed your flame-grilled addiction that only a Nando’s can satisfy – click here to find a restaurant near you.

Oh and the best thing? You can grab one of their many iconic peri-peri sauces at your local supermarket.

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From the gggggrill to your screen

Nando’s, being as #cheeky as always, loves to ‘stir the pot’ even if it means stepping on a few toes. Nando’s uses the current political climate in SA to their advantage and creates great controversy by doing so.


This is one of their greatest positives and they have become renowned for it as a direct result.

Engaging in witty political humour, Nando’s becomes the centre of heated conversations and ultimately leads the headlines.

The one that comes to many people’s minds will be the ‘wing-wing situation’ video which features Jacob Zuma along with a host of other politicians. This advert not only showcases their product – but also generates a reaction to the humour. This has been a hugely successful marketing technique for Nando’s.


Nando’s emphasises comicality and witty humour in their promotional campaigns – leading to customers of all ages watching with a #cheeky chuckle.

Whether it be politicians, iconic sportsman or celebrities, if Nando’s catches a glimpse of an opportunity to pull the piss with these individuals, best believe they will do exactly that.

There is no such thing as bad publicity…

By doing this, Nando’s creates publicity in a way that completely differs from their rivals, majority of the time the care-free brand finds themselves in sticky situations mainly resulting in their advert being banned which in turn, creates a huge up-roar – ultimately leading to increased brand awareness and publicity.

Creative Image Promoting Nando’s Unique Peri-Peri Sauce.



Due to their influence on social media Nando’s is able to portray their brand personality and values directly.

#EveryoneIsWelcome Campaign


#EveryOneIsWelcome was a campaign that was initiated during and after the 2017 U.S. presidential inauguration. The poster was originally used on Nando’s Twitter page, but was then distributed through the streets in a mass marketing style. The poster was included in the Express, a newspaper by the Washington Post.

#EveryOneIsWelcome was adapted to show that whatever your background, race, religion or culture  – you’re welcome at Nando’s. Their social diversity is something that generates traffic through their outlets and as a result they felt inclined to stand up for the minorities. They were highly praised on social media and as a result showed their true values of an inclusive an non-discriminating brand.


What do you think of Nando’s controversial advertisements? Do you think they have a social responsibility on the internet? Let us know by commenting below!

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