Do you ever sit at home alone or with company, not knowing what to do with yourself? Often letting the conversation run dry because you just have nothing left to talk about? Say goodbye to those awkward moments with entertainment at your fingertips, any place, any time.

Unless you’ve been living in a locked down cocaine bunker in the remote mountains of Columbia, like a certain Narcos character we’ve all heard about, then you would know what Netflix is by now.  Or if you’re TV subscription costs more than a month’s groceries and you’re concerned the debt might put you in a cell with Piper then you may want to read on.

It’s Big, REAL Big

From starting out selling DVD’s in 2002 to becoming the 10th largest internet company in the world in terms of revenue. They essentially reverse engineered Hollywood and in the process subscribed 100 million members in over 190 countries  and are taking the entertainment industry along on a tornado journey of change. Due to this exponential growth in popularity they have captured a fair share of market from the traditional TV service providers. Why, you might ask? It’s the 21st century option, you can stream it on almost any smart device on sale today. Whether that be at home or on the move. You can use the download now and watch later capability to always stay in the loop even while flying to somewhere new with no internet service available. And if this isn’t enough the price is pretty too.


(source: Netflix, n.d.)

It’s Cheap, REAL Cheap

Netflix has a plan just for you! Whether you want an account for only yourself or for the whole family, they have an option for you. These subscription prices start from a mere $8 Dollars per month, to $12 Dollars per month. Most traditional Television subscription prices are far more than even the most “expensive” Netflix subscription. Add to this, the mobile usability and the package delivers some serious BANG for your buck. It’s been said before and now we’ll say it again. It’s Cheap, REAL Cheap.

It’s Cheeky, REAL Cheeky

Have you ever had to ride the bus home after a long day of work? Now you get to watch a cheeky episode of your favourite series. Does taking your partner on a date hurt your true inner introvert? Why not just have a cheeky Netflix and chill date. You might even just be bored at work? Why not take a cheeky Netflix break, only at lunch time though (‘wink, wink’).

netflix 1

(source: Netflix, n.d.)

After all this you may still be sceptical. In which case, check out this trailer, it may sway your opinion.


This trailer might have opened your eyes to the new interesting content and professional film production techniques that Netflix uses to keep you entertained with an unlimited variety of cinematic experiences.

After all, 1 in 3 American homes already have a Netflix subscription, so stop all the fuss about old school TV.

Get Netflix, chill.