New Balance isn’t here to compete, New Balance is here to take over.

New Balance is Raising the Bar.

New Balance is making their own path when it comes to attracting customers. Engaging with your target audience is widely known as a very effective way of gaining brand loyalty, New Balance takes this approach to a whole new level.


Using Motivation in a different but effective way…

New Balance has found a way to motivate people to get active and achieve their goals. To achieve this they have started a new campaign where they have gotten their top famous athletes who have achieved at the highest level and will continue to do so in the future. These sponsored New Balance athletes have written letters to their future selves explaining how they will get to where they want to be and what it is going to take. These athletes are looked up to by a wide array of audiences as they are all involved in different sports. Some examples include English cricket captain, Joe Root and X Game gold medallist Alexis Sablone. These letters have been made into videos, which have been posted on Youtube, Instagram, and Facebook for promotional purposes.

Inspiring the Youth

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New Balance has used this campaign to inspire young athletes to achieve their goals just like their sporting heroes have. New Balance also looks to get these young athletes to write letters to themselves in the future, expressing what they want to be and what they want to achieve. This technique urges the athletes to join the New Balance team and promote their products while they embark on their sporting journeys.


Get Involved!

Customers are being given the opportunity to write a letter to the future that will consist of anything and everything that the specific person would want to have accomplished in the period of time selected. After a year, the customers will receive the letter back and will be able to evaluate if he/she is where they wanted to be regarding their goals and objectives. With the continued involvement of customers with the brand, they will feel reluctant towards purchasing New Balance merchandise, as they feel the brand is worth much more than they originally perceived.

The Reason for the Campaign

New Balance vice president of global marketing, Chris Davis, described the campaign as films portraying how overcoming certain obstacles relating to both sport and life can represent self-transformation that can forever alter a person’s journey and the outlook for the future. This is exactly the philosophy that New Balance has taken on when rebranding their image. For years New Balance was viewed as a “dad’s shoe” frowned upon by fashion enthusiasts during this period, their products were predominantly lifestyle products; however, through ingenious marketing campaigns, they have successfully overcome their obstacles and have rebranded their image as a fashion and sporting brand grossing a total of $3.3 billion in revenue during 2014. “Letters to My Future Self” is the most recent of these effective campaigns issued, in order to achieve an even wider target audience resulting in a higher grossing revenue.

Always Looking to Improve

New Balance is continuing its growth as it continues to expand with its unique marketing methods into much more countries; the brand immediately comes across as a fashionable and quality brand as it has built a reputation over the past years during the campaign.

New Balance will continue to assist customers to reach their goals and break records.

“Let’s Make Excellent Happen.”