“It doesn’t matter how busy life get – we still believe in preparing food from scratch using only fresh ingredients of good quality. MAKE time to enjoy a cup of coffee with your friends and loved ones.” – Pajamas & Jam Management

History (herstory) of Pajamas & Jam
Girls, listen up! Pajamas & Jam was established by mother & daughter. This family business started in 2013 with only a very expensive coffee machine that needed to be paid off and heaps of passion. Soon the rest of the family joined in with Dad running the antique shop, Pappa’s Antiques, that is linked to the left of the restaurant and Sister with her costume shop on the right.
Where can I find them?
Today Pajamas & Jam is well known for their delicious food and drink-menu that weekly changes outfits – not having the same look for too long. This restaurant is located in a semi-industrial area outside of Strand, Western Cape. The location of this restaurant didn’t disadvantage them because the interaction and awareness their Instagram and Facebook profile create, certainly put them on the map. They also have a very prominent internet presence with more than 300 reviews on their own Facebook page – not even to mention the food bloggers. Their beautiful plating of meals causes every second customer to immediately take their phone’s out for a photo when their orders arrive. Word of mouth and social media created a target market before Pajamas & Jam could even do so themselve.
Why Pajamas & Jam
Pajamas & Jam is personal. Their friendly staff and speedy service make you feel as if you are their only customer. Even their cakes are all given names to acknowledge their uniqueness. Good employer-employee relationships are evident and the welcoming atmosphere ensures this hidden gem to be not just another coffee shop. While drinking your coffee you can stroll through the antiques, costumes or even buy fresh local products to take home.
Pajamas & Jam is definitely a must! There is always something new…

Togetherness at Pajamas & Jam

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What to enjoy there:
• Drinks – barista/ fresh juice/ shakes
• Food – multi-cuisine/ vegan/ banting
• Spread of treats called by the name
• Antique shop; all for sale
• Costume shop; hire/ buy
What to enjoy @ home:
• Selection of fresh breads
• Local farmers veg, fruits, eggs, herbs
• Take-away of anything from the menu
• Seasonal flowers

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A very satisfied and spoiled customer

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