Pepsi has succeeded in capturing the social approval of many diverse consumers through the changing of their image. They have allowed various consumers to have their own special memory of when they first fell in love with Pepsi.

From creative taglines to celebrity endorsement, the brands

  • sense of humor,
  • innovative side and
  • fun nature has helped the brand reach great lengths.


Importantly, Pepsi’s unique personality has allowed room for integrated brand promotion efforts which engage with the community, in a dynamic way. Pepsi has managed to achieve this quite differently to competitors when it comes to customer relations.

## Slogans

The brand’s taglines over the years have in included “Live for Now” and the “Pepsi Generation”. Although they have been known to change their logo and slogan over the years, Pepsi has always remained consistent with their strategy. Pepsi changes their slogan to connect more with the social and psychological needs of their consumers at the time. Since consumers’ needs and situations change regularly, Pepsi has successfully managed to incorporate their needs and the sociocultural trends during a specific period into their advertising.


Source: https://goo.gl/zJcift

## Twice as Much for a Nickel

A fantastic example of this dates back to the time of the Great Depression when purchasing power dropped, and consumer attitudes became restrained. Pepsi focused on slogans that appealed to psychographic keys that reflected getting value for money. A prominent example at the time was “Twice as Much for a Nickel”. However, their slogan did not just reflect this concept, but they also offered double the amount of Pepsi for the exact same price as the other soft drinks in the industry. Therefore, Pepsi created an image that they care about the well-being of their consumers. Furthermore, the company proved through their actions that they will continually accommodate the needs of their consumers, as well as keep in touch with various trends.

## Pepsimojis

Another way in which Pepsi is keeping in touch with various trends is by, more recently, using design and innovation efforts to jump onto a social trend that has shaped a generation. This trend is non-other than emojis. Pepsi has begun incorporating Pepsimojis into their packaging and even provided a downloadable keyboard that has helped connect and engage with customers from around the world; the brand considers it the “language of now”. This is just one of many examples of the brands culture driven efforts to interact with the universal community and to show that Pepsi really does care for their consumer, and their interests.


Source: https://goo.gl/zJcift

## Celebrity endorsement

Likewise, it is not news that for years’ brands have used celebrities to advertise their products. But it is interesting to note is that Pepsi has been incorporating celebrities into their adverts since the 80’s when they signed Michael Jackson and Sofia Vergara  to advertise Pepsi. The brand’s slogans and endorsement of opinion leaders has appealed to reach markets around the globe and ties unto the “universal language” that they are developing. Each of these elements is carefully selected at the time in order to reflect the celebrity, or opinion leader, culture that is present and keep up to date with other sociocultural trends.

## Super Bowl

What is more, Pepsi has managed to gain their customers loyalty by creating excitement around the brand Pepsi through their aggressive marketing and innovation. The brand managed this by sponsoring the Super Bowl in the USA during 2015, and other events around the world since. Moreover, around the same time they also created Pepsi Inspire which was a digital drink fountain that allowed their consumers to personalize their drink by choosing between 500 combinations. This method attracted the more technically inclined, younger generation to interact with Pepsi’s product.


All in all, Pepsi’s marketing strategies caused them to win top spot in the Brand Keys’ 21st Annual Customer Loyalty Engagement Index in 2016. We must commend them on their capturing the social approval of many diverse consumers, but also for truly ‘living for now’ and interacting with the world so effectively.

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