RocoMamas is an authentic, fun and trendy international brand that forms part of everyone’s leisure list. If you would like to fit in by not being normal, this is the restaurant you’ve been looking for.

The Brand

RocoMamas was founded in July 2013 by Brian Altriche, who has expanded the brand to 42 restaurant chains throughout South Africa. Recently the focus has been placed on making the brand international, with new overseas restaurants being opened in Kenya and the Middle East.

The brand is able to differentiate through funky décor, a rock ‘n roll vibe, unique menu items and an open-style kitchen. This enables customers to see and smell the meals being prepared. RocoMamas is very balanced with a 45% take away split and a 55% sit down.


A menu that goes far beyond the typical burger joint forms the core of RocoMamas restaurant service. This menu enables customers to build their own Smash burger. Once you’ve had the life changing experience of tasting the Smashburger, there is no going back to normal.

The spur corporation acquired a majority stake in the RocoMamas brand by purchasing 51% of the company. This is extremely beneficial, due to the Spur corporation having an outstanding infrastructure. The Spur corporation can aid RocoMamas by assisting their supply chain and general operations to keep the stores running efficiently.

The Spur corporation looks forward to keeping the RocoMamas brand true to its core values and authenticity that customers love and admire. A combination of a unique menu, a trendy dining atmosphere and a bang for your buck menu, makes RocoMamas a band worth watching.

Target Market

The most important thing regarding any company or organisation is to identify or analyse their target market that cannot be underestimated. The short, medium and long-term success are largely determined by the adaptability of a company’s vision, mission and strategy.

As mentioned earlier, RocoMamas focus is on all different age and income groups! The menu and the entire layout of Rocomamas are consumer friendly and also focus on keeping up with the new and improving trends in the restaurant markets.

The increase in restaurants, as well as the growing turnover of RocoMamas show that the group is on the right track and take good care of their clients and market through their target.

Customer Service

With good food, tasty waffles, delicious milkshakes and an overall buzzing vibe, RocoMamas is prized on having outstanding customer care. The company decided to focus on having a maximum of 16 tables per restaurant to create an open and spacious feel. This removes the overcrowded atmosphere that many restaurants find hard to deal with. Quick service and friendly staff are synonymous with the RocoMamas brand. 


Social Media Emphasis

The RocoMamas brand is aware of the vital importance when it comes to social media awareness and implementation.

The brand currently has more than 39 000 followers on Instagram, 268 000 likes on Facebook and 23 600 followers on Twitter. A tremendous social media following for a young company founded merely 5 years ago.

Time and Cost Effective

Founder Brian Altriche believes the South African market is characterized by the aspects of an American market where consumers are pressed for time and in search of convenience at an affordable price.

RocoMamas serves fresh products that can be collected through the new UberEats app which will allow consumers much needed convenience at an affordable price which can be seen as an advantage over competitors that are not associated with the new technological advances.