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Samsung strives to give its users the best experience possible, how you may ask?
Simple, they continuously go above and beyond our wildest expectations. The thing that is special about Samsung is that they are forever leading the innovation to a place we never thought possible. What innovation you might ask? Well lets take a look.

Innovation, do what you can’t

Samsung has put a lot of resources into their new series of smart phones, namely the Galaxy S8 and the Galaxy Note8. They have gone the extra mile with features like the Iris Scanner which puts a new look on the mobile security industry. No more having to remember passwords, just remember to bring your eyes. You don’t have to imagine what the future looks like, Samsung brings it to you.

The latest infinity display uses a 5.8″ Quad HD+Super AMOLED with a resolution of 2969×1440. This is quite a mouthful but you realize why once you hold the phone in your hands. Its edgeless sides moulds to your hand like a custom-made glove and makes images melt off the side of the screen. It’s infinitely ahead of its time.

S8 screen sizes


Samsung continues to meet the demand for high quality photos for the likes of the Instagram, Snapchat and Pinterest lovers by using an 8MP AF front facing camera and a 12MP AF dual camera for the rear. Both cameras record video in 4K and take extremely good video and photo’s. Check out this video completely recorded on the S8. First day of summer.

Samsung has dived into the area that all of us have been thinking of having your computer in your pocket via your phone. The Samsung Dex doc is a plug-in and go technology that turns any screen into a computer with your Galaxy S8 or Note8. This is bridging the gap between having to carry around a laptop or having to rely on your desktop at home. This technology is looking to revolutionize the industry completely.

Samsung Dex Doc


Bringing people together

Cell phone users, especially in the younger generations, love to capture special moments with friends and family. Samsung helps us do this with their extraordinary camera and video quality backed up with their infinity display. Having such a great camera in your pocket makes it almost a crime not to use it. Knowing that you have such a camera at your finger tips makes you want to get out there with your friends, explore the unexplored, take pictures of your achievements, be creative and ultimately connect.

Collaborating with Creators

Ever heard of Casey Neistat or Jesse Wellens? If not, they are superstar YouTube creators that have  a combined audience of 18.1 million subscribers globally. Samsung collaborates with these two you tubers to create really amazing films. Samsung partners and communicates with like-minded individuals who are  innovators, creators, visionaries and who share the same culture as them. These are trend setters, anomalies, and people who communicate with the world. This is where Samsung is so special in reaching different communities. People who follow superstars like Casey and Jesse share the same personality as Samsung, so why not help these people achieve their goals? This is what Samsung does, cultivates generations.

Casey Neistat


So what are we trying to say with Samsung? It’s not about all the glamour, the big special effects and the top dogs. Its about taking the rest of us and creating the opportunity to make our daily lives infinite………do what you can’t.

Casey Neistat: Samsung Galaxy: The Rest of Us (Click Here)