Specialized Bicycles is a brand focussed and driven by their passion for innovation, racing and putting the rider first, and when it comes to designing products from bicycles to helmets, they only have two things in mind: You and Winning.

Specialized Bicycle Components is one of the most well-known brands in the global cycling and multi-sport communities, from passionate racers to the the daily commuter, their success is largely contributed to their passion for building bicycles and components that are innovative, ground breaking and top performing for any need that a cyclist could have.

Their integrated brand promotional system and successful integration between product development, distribution and marketing efforts offering consumers one of the best and complete brand packages available.

Specialized Athletes

Specialized Athlete and World Champion Peter Sagan

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There is possibly no better way to prove that your product is the best, than by putting it to the test and letting the world see for themselves.

Specialized does this by sponsoring world-class athletes such as: Peter Sagan, Jaroslav Khulhavy, Christoph Sauser, Loic Bruni and many more, that perform at the top level of their discipline and take the products to victory, proving the performance of their products.

These highly successful athletes have taken Specialized products to victory with major events like numerous Tour de France titles, Olympic medals, world championship wins and even success in multi-sport events.

These athletes not only help to prove the performance of the products but are also representatives of the brand and they are an effective marketing tool by promoting the brand on television broadcasting during racing, their social media pages and their success and reputation.

These athletes also play a major role in the development and testing of the products as their high level of skill and knowledge is extremely useful when developing products.


The use of social media platforms to promote new products and athletes is a vitally important part of Specialized’s marketing strategy as they are able to interact directly with the consumer in a fast and efficient manner.

Advertising through social media helps to keep the consumers up to date with new and current product developments, future plans, Specialized athletes and also helps to build a good relationship between the brand and consumer.

Specialized has invested a lot of time and effort into their incredible, interactive and modern Specialized Website, allowing users to view videos, see photos, read information about almost every aspect of the brand from latest product developments, the philosophies that the brand stands for, the athletes that ride for Specialized and store locators.

Specialized also created their I am Specialized website to keep riders and viewers up to date with the Specialized athletes and teams, with information on races, equipment and videos made by Specialized Films.

Specialized uses traditional methods for advertising such as magazines, newspapers, billboards etc which helps them reach broader markets and potential consumers that are not already directly involved with their online efforts.

Business Design

Specialized Store Launch | Stellenbosch
Specialized Stellenbosch Store

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Specialized is able to communicate consistently and effectively with their consumer anywhere in the world due to their short and direct business structure.

The structure of specialized is very compact and direct as all of the products are manufactured, distributed and sold by Specialized itself, this helps maximum control with regards to products quality as well as interaction between the brand and the consumer as Specialized sells their products through Specialized Concept stores.

These concept stores like the one in Stellenbosch offers riders a unique and unforgettable experience where riders can buy products, have their bikes serviced, drink coffee before or after a ride at the ‘Coffee Works’ Café and even grab a shower at the onsite facilities.

Specialized definitely has one of the best customer service systems and the direct and personal interaction between the brand and riders forms relationships that are everlasting.

ehlers smit
Ehlers Smit – Specialized employee, rider and all-round awesome guy.

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Specialized is a brand that not only focusses on designing and manufacturing the best and most innovative products but they are also a brand that uses innovative and interactive ways to reach their riders across all levels, personalising each product and marketing effort to meet the needs of each rider.


(Quote by Specialized: https://goo.gl/n7AWgA)