Many burger brands around the world are associated with sports events, which is a way of sports marketing. To many people this may sound contradicting, as burgers and fitness are completely different. However many burger companies think of their products in the way of providing drunk fans with food to sober up at stadiums or even at home. Burgers are easy to make in excess, which makes its the perfect food to serve hungry fans at mega stadiums around the world, while simultaneously advertising their brand. That is why we see MacDonald’s linked to the FIFA World Cup, Burger King linked to boxing and KFC linked to cricket. Let me introduce for you:

 Steers: Smashing Varsity Cup!

The partnership between Varsity Cup rugby competition and Steers, as an official sponsor is seen as a ‘perfect fit’ as both partners celebrate youth, diversity and entertainment. The Steers sponsorship of the tournament aims to thrill fans and involve them with innovative and exciting activities and competitions while investing in the future of a young student rugby players through a competition that gives them a taste of professional rugby, while encouraging the completion of tertiary studies. Steers supports sporting events and teams to help promote an active lifestyle and be part of a fun atmosphere. Players of the Varsity Cup after the game are welcomed with a delicious flame-grilled burger with freshly cut chips, which can cheer any team up, even after a loss. Fans during the half-time breaks compete in the ‘build a burger’ competition, which creates a live atmosphere, especially at the Danie Craven stadium, which is second to none. By sponsoring the Varsity cup, Steers can advertise to students- who all have tight budgets- about their awesome specials, such as Wacky Wednesday when customers can buy two burgers for the price of one or their Monday Madness special.

2017 Varsity Cup
2017 Varsity CUP FINAL , presented by Steinhoff, FNB and STEERS. Monday, 03 APRIL 2017 FNB UP-TUKS vs FNB MATIES at Tuks Rugby Field, Pretoria, Gauteng. Build a Burger by STEERS! Photo by: CATHERINE KOTZE/SASPA

Steers: Completing the ‘perfect chip’

With advertising the Varsity Cup rugby competition, Steers must now perform on the field with the ultimate experience in the restaurant. Steers can now show students and other South Africans their legendary 100% pure beef, flame-grilled burgers and freshly cut chips, which have been in South Africa for almost 60 years. Steers has won the Leisure Options Award for the Best Burger for the 18 years running, and Best Chips for 14 years running- a true indication of their quality. Steers’ success has created an extensive network of over 550 local restaurant for students with continued success, operating in countries such as Nigeria, Mauritius and Zambia to name a few, and has now opened restaurants in other continents. In doing so, Steers can can extensively tell their legendary tale of their real food, real burgers around the world.

Varsity Cup and Steers

Steers: The ‘trick play’

With Steers sponsoring, encouraging and entertaining a healthy and active lifestyle along with the current global trend of healthy eating- Steers has had to improve the nutritional value of its food in providing customers with honest nutritional information. This is evident on the Steers website, where they provide customers with a ‘Steers nutritional booklet’. Steers has changed its image from a ‘fast food franchised restaurant’, to a quality burger joint, that encourages a healthy lifestyle, which is evident through its sponsor of the prestigious Varsity Cup rugby competition.


The Maties Varsity Cup boys with their Steers sponsored shirts.

Source- Own Photo