The Sharks rugby union has been a well-established, well liked brand in KZN since 1890.Through the use clever integrated branding promotions they have been able to build up a large, loyal supporter base. The brand is recognized all over the world and it is supported by a team that consistently plays entertaining and exciting rugby that appeals to a great number of rugby enthusiasts across the globe. Since the name change in 1995, The Sharks brand has grown at a fast rate. Rugby supporters identify with the brand and are extremely passionate about it and the founding of Supporters Clubs around South Africa translates into a significant following when the team play away from home.

The Sharks continually play entertaining rugby which excites the fans and keeps them coming back. Nothing beats the rush and thrill of attending a Sharks game on a Saturday afternoon. It’s not only the actual game that makes the experience. It is the atmosphere before the game, the signing of autographs on the field and the post-game braai on the out fields.

The Sharks union is an extremely active member in the community. They often have charity events hosted at the stadium where the proceeds go to people in need. They have been helping with rhino poaching around South Africa, especially at Phinda.

Once a year the stadium is host to fan day. Children and kids come from all parts of KZN to take part. The Sharks players spend the day on their feet, signing caps, telling stories and playing touch rugby. This is an enjoyable day when kids can meet their heroes and the players can thank their fans for their loyal support over the years. Other “Making a Difference” activities include the Sharksmart programme, embracing the Drink ‘n Drive Campaign, coaching previously disadvantaged children of all ages, assisting charities to raise funds through signed merchandise and for the next two years, their charity of choice is Lungisani-Indlela, where they have selected the Amaoti community in Veralum as the beneficiary.

The fans are reason the players are able to do what they do. The Sharks treat their fans well. Newly appointed CEO, Gary Teichmann, had the players personally call each season ticket holder to thank them for their loyal support.

So, no matter who you are or what you like, The Sharks experience will be unforgettable. Whether, it’s the game that gives you a rush or the post-game braai on the fields, you as a fan will be rewarded.

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