Even though Australia isn’t too great at rugby, they are able to make up for it in their fashion brands. Trenery is an Australian born brand that has captivated the fashion world’s interest, alongside its well-established, older sibling Country Road.  Whilst Country Road aims to please younger shoppers, Trenery has captured the mature corporate environment. Having been established in 2009 by the group behind Country Road, their popularity was almost guaranteed. Trenery has however had to forge their own path. They have had to create a whole separate brand aimed predominantly at the more mature customer. The success of Trenery is obvious when looking at how it has been accepted into consumers everyday lifestyle.

Trenery: Simple and Stylish

“Designed around the luxury of timeless, modern simplicity, Trenery is of the moment, yet enduring, connecting our clean and concise sense of style with a relaxed Australian spirit.”

Designed in Melbourne and pursuing inspiration from across the globe, Trenery breeds class, sophistication and ultimate simplicity. With a wide range of men and women’s apparel, Trenery offers a clothing line that translates into the lifestyle of its customers. Trenery’s designs are spun down to quality material and yarns, with detailed touches that results in the overall established yet trendy look. Trenery is a work hard, play hard brand, with pieces suitable for the corporate world environment as well as a casual getaway weekend with family and friends.

Trenery’s Casual wear
Female Corporate wear
Male Corporate wear






Why Trenery?

Trenery has fast become one of the preferred clothing and household brands among shoppers. Their ranges consist of accessories, shoes and fashion for men and women with an appreciation for beauty and sophistication. Their simple, modern and on-trend pieces are designed to mirror the relaxed Australian spirit- clear and concise while still chic. In all of their collections, they use only high-quality fabrics. Each season, the designers draw inspiration from their day-to-day lives, travels and archives to create the sophisticated, modern pieces that are found in their stores and make up their collections. At Trenery, they believe the outfit is as much about how it is put together as it is about the individual pieces.

Trenery designer, hard at work
Materials used
Quality products with a lasting integrity


Sustainable Cotton

Trenery is very conscious about their environmental footprint. They use only the best quality fabrics and textiles. Through the combination of traditional craftmanship and the fabrics sourced from the finest mills worldwide, Trenery designers are able to creates effortless, eternal designs with a lasting integrity. All the materials they use in their collections are natural because of their aim to make all of their products more sustainable by 2020. They are doing this through improved traceability and responsibly sourced fabrics.

Only the finest materials are used


Communicating with their customers:

Trenery is active on a number of social media sites. Trenery can be found on all of the major social media sites, namely:

They use these social media platforms to:

  • post about their designs and the products they use.
  • captive a viewer’s attention, through the use of pictures
  • creates a sense of desire amongst viewers to own their pieces
  • keeps customers up to date on any sales or promotions they are hosting
  • draw in new customers through clever campaigns

With quick updates in its ranges and new collections frequently arising, it is important for Trenery to keep their customers up to date on what is happening within the brand. Through their social media profiles, they are able to inform customers of:

  • their latest arrivals
  • fashion updates
  • behind the scenes snapshots
  • inspiration and “how to wear” ideas
  • sale alerts

Keeping up-to-date on these sites is crucial for the online success of Trenery, since it helps to keep their customers informed and engaged with the brand and what it’s all about. With all the social media platforms at our touch, many people decide on the brands they wear by its social media profile. It creates excitement among Trenery shoppers and keeps them coming back for more.


To see more of the style and simplicity that Trenery has to offer, watch this video.