With the release of Urban Decay‘s latest mascara, Troublemaker, the brand is once again at the forefront of high-end makeup and reminds competitors it is a force to be reckoned with.

Breaking Down Barriers

Urban Decay began as a saviour to women, bored of the societal norms of beauty. Desperate to escape the abyss of pink, Urban Decay exposed women to their daring side and allowed the world of makeup to reach new heights. Today they lead the industry; all you have to do is try the products and you’ll understand why.

Urban Decay highlighted the fact that just ‘being pretty’ is not the sole purpose of cosmetics anymore. It’s about discovering your self-identity and experiencing a sense of freedom and power through breaking down conventions. Essentially, it’s about ‘doing your own thing’. Independence, identity, power and femininity are characteristics seen throughout their advertising campaigns and are brought home by the current face of Urban Decay. Ruby Rose is an influential character in the media, a gender fluid actress and model and a vocal activist for animal rights. She perfectly personifies what the brand stands for and her unapologetic individuality helps cultivate the uniqueness of the brand.

Source: Urban Decay Instagram

Urban Decay instantly set themselves apart from their competitors by creating a completely unique identity and brand essence. “Does pink make you want to puke” was a slogan from their very first advertising campaign and has remained an iconic phrase, exemplifying the brand. Although the makeup industry has spread its wings since the 90’s and selling purple lipstick is not unheard of anymore, the brand still finds innovative ways of taking risks. Using daring names like “Naked” for their most in demand product and calling their products “Primer Potion” instead of just “primers” to make ordinary products exciting and exclusive.

Clever marketing and controversial advertisements alone did not get the brand to where it is today. Instead, its strong reputation in the market is due to high-quality and high-performance products. From their elegant, yet edgy, packaging, to the blend-ability and durability of the products, Urban Decay is yet to put a foot wrong.

The brand’s highest rated, most popular products include:

  • Naked Palettes

  • Shade and Light Contouring Palette
  • Eyeshadow Primer Potion
  • All Nighter Foundation and Setting Spray


Rebel on a Mission

Urban Decay is world renown for their leading makeup products, but a large portion of the public are unaware of the incredible initiatives the brand supports and their commitment to their values. The Ultraviolet Edge is a global initiative founded by Urban Decay to empower women by financially supporting organizations fighting for female rights. They have already raised $1.28 million and have a five-year goal of $3 million. All their products are cruelty-free and the brand is making a conscious effort to ensure more of their products use alternatives to animal-derived ingredients. The purchasing of an Urban Decay product not only helps you express your identity and embrace your version of femininity but also empowers other women and helps them realize their independence.

Despite the many obstacles since their humble beginnings in the 90s, Urban Decay has maintained their unique, daredevil reputation and their overwhelming success makes it almost inappropriate to label the brand as an alternative. By securing their position in the minds of consumers, the brand dominates and has redefined the rules of the cosmetics industry. They are the new mainstream – not because they follow the status quo, but because everybody seems to be following them.

Featured Image Source: Adapted from Pinterest and A Pretty Hot Mess.