Virgin Group: Everybody loves a Virgin!

Today, Virgin is a very well known, multi-national conglomerate that has entrenched itself and been successful in a wide variety of industries and businesses across the globe.

The big question is, how did Virgin go from being a small magazine at school, called “student” to the massive conglomerate today? There are many different factors that played its part in the building the success of the company. However, a lot of it has to do with the well-thought out and implemented Integrated Brand Promotion (IBP) that Virgin Group utilize throughout all their business ventures.

An Integrated Brand Promotion (IBP) is a process whereby a wide range of promotions elements are used together to create wide spread brand exposure. The brand actually only debuted in 1970, the name originated from a colleague’s remark that everyone involved was a novice: “We’re complete virgins at business.

The Virgin Brand

Of course, one of the strengths of Virgin is the consistency of its brand and its storytelling across the entire portfolio, whether it is media, flight, rail travel or banking (and so on). The ability to keep the V and the red branding across diverse products, maintaining a commitment to fun service goes a long way towards the various brands becoming greater than the considerable sum of their parts.


A VIRGIN member is a HEALTHY member!

Exercise is a key factor in success! Many scientific studies have shown that high earners are exercising more while STEPPING UP the career ladder. Exercise release endorphins, which are chemicals that react with receptors in the brain. This triggers a feel-good feeling which is imperative for a healthy and happy life.

Where to go to release these feelings? VIRGIN ACTIVE is the place to be with top quality equipment that will make you ready for the summer holidays in less than 3 WEEKS! The instructors are of top quality that know exercise inside and out which will allow you to set your goals as high as you’d like. Virgin offer everything from fitness programmes to activity camps for children which makes it a family-friendly brand.

Becoming a member of this family brand will give you a sense of belonging as well as make YOU push yourself in all aspects of your life ranging from your most important business meeting in two weeks or helping out at a charity event. LOOK BETTER – FEEL BETTER – DO BETTER.


Why Virgin?

By Virgin’s aggressive approach to emotional branding, they are able to trigger a response from their consumers which in return speeds up the process of the consumer buying Virgin’s products. Sir Richard Branson is another positive factor that Virgin use extremely well to gain advantage of their competitor brands. Mr. Branson was extremely poor growing up and his rise to CEO of one of the biggest multi-national companies in the world attracts potential consumers as they aspire to be like him. By also using clever event promotions and ‘free gym weekends’, Virgin are able to continue to reach out to consumers who haven’t bought their products, yet get a chance to experience what Virgin is and how much better their products are to others.


Virgin adopt a very bright and eye-catching brand logo. They have bright red colours that make the brand stick out. Their choice of colours and type of font of the word ‘Virgin’, leave an ever lasting image in the consumer’s mind. It is a brand that is very easily remembered as it is one of a kind. The way Virgin reward their loyal customers, creates an image of becoming a loyal customer to Virgin very sought after. The charitable work done by Virgin and Mr. Branson is also very dear to many consumers hearts and also serves as a clever marketing scheme by making consumers believe Virgin is ‘for the people’.








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