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I am fun, caring, loyal, full of laughter and imaginative creativity. I am Magical. I am Walt Disney.

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In Case You’ve Been Living Under a Rock

Disney is probably one of the most famous names in the animation industry, known for movies such as The Lion King, Aladdin, Toy Story, Finding Nemo, Tangled, Beauty and the Beast and many, many more.

They are also famous for their world renowned theme parks, such as Disneyland and Disney World which is located in the United States, Japan, France and Hong Kong.

Famous names such as Mickey Mouse started with Disney, and were the foundation of a company that has now branched out into numerous entertainment studios, theme parks, products and other media productions.


 Walt Disney’s Brand Identity

Disneyland’s brand personality would be summarized as family friendly, wholesome fun for all ages. The company has been communicating the idea that Disneyland is the “happiest place on earth” for 60 years through Walt Disney’s creative ideas and imagination. Even after all this time the company sticks to their roots never forgetting that, “It was all started by a mouse”.

-Words that describes Disney     

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  • Magical

  • Dreams

  • Wonder

  • Happiness

  • Imagination

  • Enchanting

  • Family

  • Adventurous

  How Disney Uses Social Media

When Disney developed its product over time, it has adapted to the technology that is available – we’ve seen this through the jump from cartoon to animation, and social media has also played a huge part in this development.

To capture an audience through film is an art and so is capturing an audience through social media. Disney have merged film into their social strategy so that you can still appreciate the magic of Disney through social networks and not just cinema and television.

Disney is excellent in promoting their brand image through their social media platforms.


The whole idea of their twitter account is to inspire and motivate followers through famous quotes and lines from Disney films and characters. Disney know how to create shareable content and films – which makes them so successful on Twitter.

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Everyone can relate to the morals of each Disney story – and that also works social story telling. People want to be able to relate to a brand and Disney makes this very easy through their tweets.


Disney’s Instagram account is totally different from what they share on Twitter. Their Instagram account shows a more human side of Disney, the physical people, characters, premieres, events and Disney World itself.

This shows how Disney translates into the physical world even though it was initially created for cinema. The extent of the brand is huge, channeling across so many different industries, concepts and ideas.


Facebook is Disney’s most popular social media platform. They keep it visual with quotes from popular films, they continue to post inspiring images and characters as well as frequently providing links to quizzes and interesting articles.

They have short captions but their tone of voice comes across well and very specific to their audience, they also produce cute and funny videos that they know their target audience will love.

What is great about their Facebook presence is their casual approach to descriptions and explanations on their posts, they are simple but effective and get their message across which is similar to their brand image.

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Disney also uses other Social Media platforms such as Youtube and Pinterest which are also very effective in getting their Brand Image across.


Disney launched a campaign hoping to inspire families to live “Healthily ever after”. Disney hopes to reach two-thirds of mothers with this message, using Disney’s assets including their characters and story’s to inspire families to eat healthier

The campaign showcases fun ways to incorporate good eating and exercise habits. For example The Jungle Book will be used to encourage children to eat breakfast and Finding Nemo to inspire families to go swimming. This is an example of how Disney can use their characters for the good of the community.

Walt Disney truly is the master of marketing. They succeed in keeping their Brand image and feel consistent throughout their marketing strategies.  This is a brand that will live on forever.

“Laughter is timeless, Imagination has no age and dreams are forever”- Walt Disney