You walk to the Neelsie, it is there.

Sitting in the bib, it is sitting next to you, going to class, it surrounds you.

You try to run, but everywhere you look just seems to feel like deja brew?

The MyBrew cups are following you around.

There is no doubt that MyBrew has taken over Stellenbosch campus, have you ever wondered why?

Have you met Freddy?

Probably. He’s that guy floating around with a smile on his face. The guy who started roasting his own coffee with a passion and a plan. Always meeting new people, always making friends? Ring any bells?

Started from a corporate office, he brought his own coffee to work. And well, that worked for him. More and more people wanted a taste of his home roasted coffee, so he turned that into a home, which is where you always see him in the Neelsie. Selling his coffee to restaurants and work colleagues got him to think, what more? Today we see him owning three different MyBrew branches around the Stellenbosch university campus. The first of these, came in a pod. Freddy and the Neelsie worked like two peas in a pod. This made it the perfect location to sell his delicious coffee. But no, you wanted more. In order to reduce the massive lines, we always have to stand in to get our daily fix, Freddie decided to open another store right next to the existing pod. But no, you wanted more. This time Freddy decided to open another pod, but this time in the Van Der Sterr building. This one was called Deja Brew, in order for students not to get confused between the other stores when making plans on meeting up with friends for a coffee.

As you can see, Freddie didn’t choose the mug life, the mug life chose him.

As you know there are a variety of stores to buy a coffee from in Stellenbosch…

So why MyBrew?

MyBrew stands on the principle of producing fresh coffee every single day. This is why their slogan is “since yesterday”. Every day Freddy roasts coffee beans to supply the eager students with a fresh cup of coffee the next day. MyBrew supplies a variety of coffees, treats and other delicacies tailored to the daily student.

So why come back?

Why stay long enough to get the T-Shirt?

Because a MyBrew cup never fails you. Every cup is served with a smile, every smile served with an extra spoonful of sugar, really helping the medicine of the day go down. The quality never fails, and neither does the customer loyalty which builds the fast moving ques, day after day. MyBrew doesn’t just give you a Q, but they also strive to give you all the letters of the alphabet while you’re just waiting in one of them.

The brand is loved by all, as all is loved by the brand. From an innovative owner to the friendly faces of the baristas, all is welcomed into this coffee roastery, a real gem in the Stellenbosch chaos.

And that is why MyBrew is your brew too. So order a MyBrew cappuccino, add a dash of delight and spoonful of sugar, and have a “brew”tiful day.

 Want to see it for yourself? 

watch me then drink me