Corona happens to be one of those brands that have perfectly captured the essence of their brand and communicated this to consumers in advertising campaigns that can only be described as a ‘“slice of life”.

Whether it’s the relaxing beach scene or sunset parties, Corona’s signature beer with its slice of lime will always be there. There are three campaigns that stood out the most to us, these are; the “this is living” campaign, their “find your beach” campaign and “CoronaSunSets”.

Source: Corona This Is Living 2016 – Lime Ritual 30s

Are you truly alive is a question Corona dared to ask in their campaign “this is living”, started in May of 2016. This campaign features a series of videos and images highlighting Corona’s idea of the ideal life, which so happens to be the combination of a beach, and of course, a Corona beer.

The idea of the campaign was to make Corona moments more attainable. As Corona vice-president, Thiago Zanettini said,

“We are excited to launch ‘This Is Living’ – our new brand ideal truly shows what Corona stands for. With so much of our time spent indoors, we as a brand want to capture the desire to disconnect in order to reconnect and re-energize…”

Hypersound and vivid imagery are two techniques used in this campaign in order to break through the noise of everyday life and really impact the basic sense of sight. Corona hopes to not only break this barrier but to truly transport the viewer to a different realm where they too are on the beach sipping a fresh beer.

To add to this already hypnotic ad campaign, Corona endorsed famous surfers such as Matt Wilkinson and Julian Wilson to shoot the short videos to encourage consumers to engage with the fantasy playing out before them.

Corona Image
Source: One of Corona’s Catchy Campaigns

Now imagine, sipping an ocean vacation in a bottle. Corona has that ability to transport you anywhere your imagination pleases with their new “Find your beach” campaign.  The campaign, started in 2010, allows us, as the consumer, to make a connection with the mellow, beach state of mind. “Find your beach” focuses on beaches, proving that Corona can transform every day into a holiday.  Not only was “find your beach” focused on the fact that the brand has the ability to transport you anywhere you please, it was also aimed at showing us that a beach is not always just made of sand and waves, but that the experience is often completed with a Corona.  Strictly speaking, the objective of the campaign was for the consumer to realize that Corona is a tantalizing and refreshing drink for summer, but it is also a considerable beer for the winter, as it reminds people of the beach. Corona has used multiple mediums to advertise the campaign. These include print advertisements, commercials, vehicle advertising, billboards, bus and taxi stops, twitter, a Facebook page dedicated to the occasion, and even iPhone and Android applications.

If your idea of a good time is being able to kick back with a deliciously refreshing beverage in hand, accompanied by friends, good music and beach culture experiences located in some of the finest bars, beaches, and clubs in the world, then the “CoronaSunSet Festival” is the place for you. The campaign, first launched in South Africa in 2015, features many local artists, as well as some of the world’s greatest performing DJ’s, bands, and solo artists. The event proves to the consumer that regardless of whether you are in a bar or a club, Corona has the power to transport you to that picture perfect sunset moment, where you can experience the revitalizing tranquillity that Corona has created.

A photo of us enjoying the Corona lifestyle

When the “CoronaSunSets Festival” was launched, Marcel Marcondes, Corona’s Global VP, said “Corona represents an opportunity to take a step back from the world and enjoy oneself, whether that is on a beach or at a bar with friends, through SunSets we want to embrace this and bring the sunset feeling to all corners of the globe and connect people to our home – the beach – through invigorating music and cultural experiences.”

Through their widespread advertising, the Campaign has definitely broken the “rules of the game” of the beer market and we look forward to being transported to our own beaches.