Welcome to the inspiring and fabulous ice-cream world. Discover Ben & Jerry’s, a beneficial, broad and brilliant brand combining delicious tastes with the mission to “change the world”.

The Dream Factory

Ben & Jerry’s is a brand founded in 1978 by the two friends Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield. They started off selling ice-cream in a renovated gas station in Vermont, U.S. Today Ben & Jerry’s is one of the top selling ice-creams in the world! Here’s a list of what makes them special.

“Peace, Love & Ice Cream”

8 reasons why
Ben & Jerry’s is the
“best possible ice cream”

One of the global favourites: Chocolate Fudge Brownie

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  1. Amazing variety of flavours: Choose your favourite innovative and delicious flavour or try something completely new! It’s worth trying diverse specials and all-time global favourites such as “half-baked” or “cookie dough”.
  2. Become a part of the Ben & Jerry’s Family! Share your experiences with the brand and give feedback on social media such as Facebook. The brand tries to use your impressions to improve quality standards and make their products even better.
    A #benandjerrys moment of Joy

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  3. It is authentic! Getting in contact with the brand is easy and accessible on various channels e.g. on their website. Within their newsletter you may become a part of the Ben & Jerry’s family with just one click and will be informed about every upcoming event and new flavour.
  4. Trying out is possible at the yearly Free Cone Day:  Once a year Ben & Jerry’s give away free ice-cream cones in their scoop shops. The lines of people and long heritage proves the success of this amazing event.
    FreeCone Day
    Free Cone Day

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  5. Ben & Jerry’s is aware of climate change and tries to show off consequences of today’s consumption patterns in a playful, picturesque way using visuals,videos and events. Their activism in climate justice is underlined by their slogan “If it’s melted it’s ruined” which concerns both ice-cream and the melting ice caps. Global warming is a fact and it affects all of us. Therefore, Ben & Jerry’s tries to make the production more energy efficient and they are very concerned in leaving as small carbon footprints as possible.
    Watch the video “Join the Climate Movement”

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  6. Fairtrade and sustainability. Ben & Jerry’s was the first brand to launch a fair trade ice cream with its vanilla flavour in 2006 and since then increased its product line. Moreover, the brand cares about its supply chain and the farmers that provide the ingredients for their products. 
  7. It’s fun! Humorous, inventive and original contents are provided daily for all Ben & Jerry’s ice-cream lovers who follow the brand. On their website within “What’s new” you can find  interesting facts about the company, information about the issues they care about, quizzes to find out “What Ben & Jerry’s Flavour are You?” and much more. On their official YouTube channel you can also find tasteful recipes tutorials that encourage you and you family and friends to try out and  share your own version of ice-cream sandwich on social networks.
    Check out how to make Ice Cream Sandwiches !

    Ice cream Sandwich
    Share your own ice-cream sandwich using #benandjerrys


  8. Make the world a better place. Each of the characteristic ingredients of Ben & Jerry’s ice-creams  are directly connected with different charity projects, so it’s just up to you to pick a flavour you want to support! Why not choose “Chocolate Fudge Brownie” or “Half Baked” with brownies made by a bakery in Yonkers that provides jobs to former prisoners or maybe “Chunky Monkey” that will support small-scale farmers?

  • We can’t wait to discover your FAVOURITES!! 😋

Comment with your favourite B&J’s ice cream flavour or describe your dream creation!


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  • The New “South African Flavour” 🇿🇦

What could be a typically South African flavour? What about “Biltong Brownie” or “Sweet Braai” 😎? What should definitely be included in the first local composition? Tell us about your own suggestions!

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