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Read 7 Ways BMW i uses Integrated Brand Promotion:

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Like! Heart, Follow! Search! BMW has increased its use of social media as a way to geographically reach its audiences more cheaply. It has focused on engaging with the BMW i through the use of social media. BMW has over 1.5 million followers on Instagram and Facebook, growing on a daily basis. BMW shares daily updates and photos of its cars that are high quality, and come from exotic locations which demonstrates a vibrant, active, and dynamic lifestyle. They have launched an app call the Ultimate Drive App, allowing users to leave tips and favourite routes they have driven on a map.

Subscribe! 4.8 billion views on YouTube shows that BMW is one of the most loved automotive brands. BMW i uses YouTube as a platform to advertise their products by posting videos, pictures, and short films on their YouTube page “BMW i”. This is a platform where enthusiasts for the product can find information regarding the i series as well as where fans are able to express their most favorite BMW i experiences, thus resulting in billions of fans promoting the brand by sharing posts on YouTube and by word of mouth. The videos found are modern and techno because of the advanced technology of BMW i and the electric-powerful feeling of the Born Electric car. They use nature to influence the idea of sustainability and eco-friendliness of emission-free BMW i. This is a platform for BMW to provide their audiences with more informative information about the i series. Enthusiasts will be able to watch 20 minute videos explaining exactly how this vehicle operates, the production process of the car, and little tips for more efficient use of the car.


Watch! Fast, eye-catching adverts are used by BMW to reach large audiences in a short space of time. Television advertising enables BMW to portray their message through the use of sight, sound, and motion attracting viewers’ attention, arouses emotions, and gives the BMW i-series instant credibility.  BMW is able to give their brand a personality through television advertising as seen in the video above.

Experience! Sailing, Racing, Golf, Arts and Culture are a few events that BMW sponsors. BMW has formed over 100 cultural partnerships worldwide such as the Freize Art Fair (one of the most important contemporary air fairs worldwide) and this year it was an executive transportation partner at the Coachela Valley Music and Arts Festival, offering a shuttle service in unique and creatively covered cars as seen in the image. BMW takes cultural freedom from the activities it is involved in and this results in the success of the business.


BMW is one of the most respected golf partners due to the company being the organizer and partner to some of the most renowned golf tournaments, for example the Irish and Scottish Cup and the International Golf Cup.


Motorsport is something that lies at the heart of BMW thus supporting events such as the British touring car championship. BMW is also committed to sailing, organizing and partnering a number of prestigious sailing events.


Read! BMW has their OWN magazine, which is used to advertise every single product that they produce and sell. It provides information on how BMW is challenging the stereotypical automotive company, and how they differentiate themselves from their competitors. The magazine is colourful and entertaining, giving full detail of BMW’s operations, taking readers around the world in any BMW vehicle chosen. It is accessible to anyone who is wanting to gain a greater insight into the BMW Company. Not only does BMW have their own magazine, but they publicize themselves in other magazines such as CAR.