It’s Simple.

It’s Elegant.

It’s Seductive.

It’s Fierce.

It can only be Calvin Klein…

This is the brand that pushes boundaries, and inspires authenticity and brave thinking. The brand that uses minimal aesthetics, to achieve maximum market reach. The brand that we believe to be among the best high fashion brands in the world.

Let’s be honest, everything is better in #MyCalvins.

Just a bit of background

With only $10 000 and a dream of being a successful designer, Calvin Klein started a coat shop in the York hotel in New York City in 1968. In the years since then, the brand has grown astronomically, with global retail sales reaching $8.4 billion in 2016. Now that’s something to write home about!

Why choose Calvin Klein?

Apart from superior quality, eloquent designs and trend setting campaigns; Calvin Klein has been involved in donating a large portion of their profits to charity organisations like: “AIDS LIFE” and “Habitat for humanity”. On top of all that -Calvin Klein represents authenticity and passionate seduction in a way that no other brand ever has.

If the former is not enough for you, then Choose Calvin Klein because:

It is undeniably the greatest multi-purpose,  high fashion brand in the world. Meeting the needs of comfort, sexiness and elegance all at once. It is the brand that everyone wants to get their hands on. Fashion icons, such as Kendall Jenner, Justin Bieber, Kendrick Lamar, and Kate Moss have been known to identify with the brand which is testament to Calvin Klein’s diversity and promotion of individuality.

Anyone can look sexy and feel empowered when wearing #CalvinKlein

lydia 4
I feel gorgeous in #MyCalvins

Source:Own photograph

Calvin’s Campaigns

Not only do we believe in the product- but we believe in the brand in its entirety. Their marketing campaigns have been seductive, thrilling and powerful, igniting an emotional response from all their viewers- and on a few occasions – some controversy too!

Calvin Klein’s most recent advertising success has come from their #InMyCalvins campaign. For those readers that have been out of the loop, the #InMyCalvins movement has been breaking the internet since it was launched , featuring celebrities like Kendal Jenner, Justin Bieber and Laura Stone. Since its introduction in January 2016, the campaign has seen over 4.5 Million interactions on social media, with many consumers posting their own #InMyCalvins selfies. Their marketing campaigns have been particularly successful in generating hype, as it has been a way for viewers to get involved in the brand.

Why not show us your #InMyCalvins selfies in the comments below?

Here’s ours…

lydia pic 2
I am Free in #MyCalvins

Source: Own photograph

lyd 5
I feel Empowered in #MyCalvins

Source: Own Photograph

“Where can I get some of my own Calvin’s?”

Due to Calvin Klein’s large scale, and extensive global reach – it is relatively simple to come across your own pair of #Calvins, but here are a few places in the Western cape that are bound to have this iconic brand in stock:

  • The V&A Waterfront (shop: 6272- upper level Victoria Warf)
  • Bella & me (Canal Walk LL184, Century City)
  • The Big 5 Duty free (Cape Town International airport- International Departures)
  • Edgars (nationwide)
  • Clicks (Nationwide- known for selling Calvin Klein perfumes)
  • Shop on their official online store 
  • Shop at (Which offers free sipping worldwide)

Our Experience with Calvin Klein:

Calvin Klein has inspired our group in numerous ways. We have created a short film based on our perception of the brand highlighting the brand traits that resonate with us the most- Simplicity, Honesty, Authenticity and the power of natural beauty.

Take a look here

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