The world is home to over seven billion people scattered across more than 190 countries on seven continents. Emirates Airlines can take you to over eighty of those countries. So, what are you waiting for?

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Source: Own / Airbus A380 Business & First Class On-Board Bar & Lounge

Emirates, the award winning flag carrier of the United Arab Emirates, founded in 1985, is based at Dubai International Airport (DXB). Since its humble beginnings with only two leased airplanes, Emirates’ fleet of Airbus A380s and Boeing B777s has grown into the largest in the world. Emirates’ 78 thousand employees are as diverse as its destinations, hailing from over 135 different countries and speaking an array of different languages. Being based in the heart of the Middle East and thus being able to reach  two-thirds of the world’s population within eight hours, as well as constantly delivering superior service, Emirates has been able to firmly establish itself in the airline industry and continues to set high standards.

Hello Tomorrow – أهلاً بالغد 


The “Hello Tomorrow” campaign embodies what the Emirates brand stands for and believes in; A world of endless opportunities that cherishes diversity and multiculturalism. A small world with a million connections. Emirates sells experiences that are aimed at creating a world with no borders, where one can be anywhere around the globe within just a few hours. The campaign is about conversation and learning, connecting people from all walks of life – and that is exactly what Emirates does.

Hello JHB
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“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” – St Augustine

Hello HKG
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The “Hello Tomorrow” campaign was launched in 2012 to position Emirates as a global lifestyle brand with a certain idea by promoting meaningful experiences globally and to contribute towards a fast paced world in unity.  Travelling is about tasting different foods, trying to understand foreign languages, appreciating different music and to  embrace different cultures.

Be There Campaign

The “Be There” campaign was one of Emirates’ most unique and successful campaigns. Through a talent show, the company chose staff members who it thought would best represent the brand’s spirit and values, and sent them on adventures around the world within its network. The “Globalistas”, as they were called, recorded their journeys on social media. The results were spectacular; over 130 videos were created spanning 31 destinations. It reached 120 million people on Facebook, resulted in over 60 million video views and saw over 50 million impressions on Twitter. The campaign directly contributed to an $10.9 million increase in revenue. More importantly is the fact that the campaign successfully associated Emirates with inspiration, curiosity and as an enabler for the joy of travel.

Hello NYC
Source: Image (Own), Logo (Emirates) / New York, United States of America

Emirates’ Sponsorship

Emirates has expanded its brand around the world via its sponsorship arm. Their branding has graced the kit of football teams such as Arsenal and Real Madrid and their slogans and banners at events such as the Cricket and Rugby World Cups and the US and French Tennis Opens have been broadcast across the globe.

Emirates’ worldwide partnership with Formula One racing is symbolic of the company’s efficiency and speed of service. Emirates also shows its appreciation for culture through its sponsorship of the San Francisco Philharmonic Orchestra and Dubai Jazz Festival.

By having such a broad range of sponsorships, Emirates has gained worldwide exposure to fans and passengers,  entrenching its image as a global connector. This also associates the company with the location where each event is held, and owing to their global route map, you might just spot an Emirates airplane flying over the stadium, race track or tennis court….

Source: Image (Own), Logo (Emirates) / Marrakech, Kingdom of Morocco

Emirates’ integrated brand promotion efforts have allowed them to reach a worldwide audience and has enabled them to interact with one another and the brand. 

Hello Tunisia
Source: Image (Own), Logo (Emirates) / Sahara Desert, Tunisia

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