“Every woman can be beautiful” is the belief that Estée Lauder lives by. It is no secret that women have the need to look good and feel good and Estée Lauder, one of the world’s greatest beauty brands, strives to satisfy this need.

Taking it to the next level

It all starts with the glimpse of a new product and you are all ears, even Game of Thrones can have the backseat. They subconsciously make use of mysterious names for their upcoming product ranges which intrigues our minds to the level of interaction. Wild Love. Will it be dashing, daring or even dangerous? It leaves so much to our imagination. Without revealing the whole plot they let us peek on what we are about to see. Once they have captured our attention, they first remind us about their brand name, Estée Lauder. Everyone is eager for an interesting storyline. Estée Lauder always keeps their advertisements creative but simple. In their Wild Love advertisement they surprised us with an unexpected voice interchange between an ordinary woman and a famous singer by only applying one of their Pure Color Love lipsticks.

Estée Lauder’s Integrated Brand Promotion (IBP) focuses on a few essential elements for successful advertising. Who does not absolutely love the effect that their advertisements have on your soul; it inspires, uplifts and empowers. What more does a woman want?

Estée Lauder’s product categories include:

  • Skincare
  • Make-up
  • Fragrance
Estée Lauder’s make-up category consists of various products

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Mixing it up

Ever wondered how it feels to be famous? Estée Lauder’s advertisements give us the opportunity to be a star by applying their products. Using a famous model like Kendall Jenner, playing the role of an ordinary person, allowing us to relate to her character whilst drawing our attention. Anyone who does not know Kendall Jenner should seriously hit their refresh button! By using a celebrity they make it clear that their products are suitable for everyone, no matter your status. Taking their Wild Love advertisement as an example, they even include different body types, races and age groups – excluding no one.

You know an advert is successful when you have no other choice than sharing it with someone else for them to undergo the same pleasant emotional experience as you originally did. Perhaps it makes you burst out with laughter, reminds you of a special moment or even creates a new memory. Estée Lauder uses its catchy and cheerful music in their Wild Love advertisement to unconsciously put you in a feel-good mood. This instantly gives us a more positive outlook on their products.  Woman are emotional beings and will do almost anything to feel more confident, self-worthy and beautiful, even if it just requires applying a touch of Pure Color Love lipstick.

Create your own look with Estée Lauder’s Pure Color Love lipstick

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Leaving a mark

A lot of brands’ advertisements are so interesting and immediately catch our attention but at the end of the day we don’t even remember what the brand and product was being advertised, how useless! In contrast, Estée Lauder’s advertisemenys always remind and inform us what the advertisement was all about. For example, in their Wild Love advert they inform us about their new Pure Color Love lipstick range. Not only do they tell us about their new products but also showcase it by reminding us throughout the advertisement how their different lipstick products virtually look on the women’s’ lips. Overall, one of Estée Lauder’s greatest IBP secrets that contributes to their success, is that they don’t give an overload of information through their adverts, yet provide detail enough to draw our attention and create curiosity that will lead to further interaction from our side to find out more about the brand and their amazing products.

High definition quality

Estée Lauder’s IBP consists of a very wide variety of media and different forms of brand promotion, from advertisements in magazines to promotion through social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram.  After all, we are in the third millennium. When they create advertisements, it always features only the best music and HD quality videos. Only quality adverts can promote quality products, and we all know that that’s what Estée Lauder is all about… quality resulting in beauty!

Watch Kendall Jenner and Elle King mix it up with Pure Color Love lipstick: