Savanna is well known as Barry Hilton saying that iconic slogan

Savanna. It’s dry, but you can drink it”

but is this brand’s glory days over?

Throughout its extensive integrated brand promotions Savanna has stayed one of the most relevant brands in South Africa creating thousands of impressions on their social network interactions with consumers as well as their entertaining television commercials.



As part of their integrated brand promotion you will see that all their marketing efforts are in line with their positioning in the market. Savanna is very effective with above the line marketing making sure that all advertising and promotions has its signature unconventional humor that consumer’s love. They take significant care of the below the line marketing by the product’s placing in liquor stores and the premium price at which it is sold. Savanna focuses on consumers from different demographics between the ages of 18-35.

Savanna creates crisp and innovative tastes attracting new consumers. Savanna goes loco with introducing new flavors to consumers and it does this by being a brand that consumers can’t predict but rather enjoy while building anticipation with what they going to do next. Savanna’s innovative way of creating a stir among consumers was also achieved by introducing a different way of enjoying the cider. By popping a slice of lemon in the neck of the bottle created an entire marketing campaign which created the #NewSavannaBottle hashtag that made a huge impact on consumers showing that Savanna is willing to take risks.

In the past ciders was seen as a seasonal product which was only consumed during summer. Savanna has crossed this line by being a brand that promote frequent use during the year.

It cannot be ignored that Savanna is a brand that is not serious but rather jolly and fun. Promotions create a unique image by communicating their personality and ideal image to the target market which is intellectual, informal, dry and very ironic humor. This tong in cheek personality is shown by the comedians in the Savanna television ads such as Kagiso Lediga, Rob van Vuuren and David Fynn. Savanna’s iconic image and variety of products make this brand one of the top competitors in the cider market worldwide.



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Social Impact

Through social impact on the target market Savanna has created a stable consumer base which enjoys the products during many events. As result of their effective ibp, Savanna created benefits that consumers long for such as:

  • Increasing self-confidence
  • Increasing individualism
  • Increases inclusivity by being an exclusive premium cider

Even though it is hard to attract consumers to the cider market, Savanna effectively used their ibp processes to persuade consumers to at least use one of their Savanna ciders.

Environmental Impact

Being environmental friendly has become one of the key aspects that causes companies to be successful. Savanna’s contribution to being environmental friendly is creating their own carbon dioxide which is used in their carbonating processes. Savanna stands out from other ciders because it was the first South African cider that moved away from traditional beer packaging.

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But when the cat caught your tong the only thing to do is pat the people of Savanna on the back for creating a unique South African product and using ground-breaking integrated brand promotions in more than 40 countries making this cider one of the most successful alcoholic drinks around.



So has the Savanna dried?

Well, It’s dry but you can drink it.