Do you ever wonder how to make your life better and stand out of the crowd? Well then, let’s try a new motto in life and do what you do masterfully.  And then you can live by following your own rules. Sounds great- right? With Jägermeister you can become that meister…


Jägermeister is a remarkable German herbal liquor with 56 different, natural ingredients, a long history and lots of traditions. But that does not mean that it’s boring or outmoded- the exact opposite is the case.

Once created as drink to share in the community after a hunt, it is still a highly sociable drink to share today. But the hunts are not necessary anymore, but the spirit of community remained.

The brand had to face hard times when the image of the drink was designated as a “old men drink” around the 2000s. A huge change in the marketing strategies and innovative, young campaigns were the answers. The result is a very strong, worldwide acting brand and a successful relationship with their target market.


Jägermeister launched one of the most creative events in South Africa, called “ENTER THE WOODS”. They are celebrating their origins in a mystic forest themed environment with several artists performing.  It’s an exclusive invite-only event hosted by the brand. This year it was promoted through a multi channel campaign, three music videos among it interacting with each other.

Unfortunately, this years’ “Enter the woods” was just hosted in June, but keep it in mind for next year. Watch the after movie here, to get excited and inspired!



One of Jägermeister’s main marketing efforts is the collaboration with the music scene.

Back the artist

In South Africa they introduced the “Back the artist” initiative to support young music talents and give them a platform to perform their music and share their creativity. The winner will get their track produced, a music video and much more. Therefore, public voting is combined with judging from music professionals. The voting starts at September the fourth for all entrants and continuous at 18/09 for the top 20 voting. Check it out – “Back the artist” 

Jägermeister Brass cartel

Another exciting project of Jägermusic is the Jägermeister brass cartel. It’s originally a German folk band concept which was transferred to South Africa in 2016. This band perfectly represents Jägermeisters’ characteristics of tradition and modernity. It creates unique music for the audience when playing modern and classic hits on the traditional instruments. It’s Brand entertainment at its best! They’re performing at some festivals and are eventually release a full album this year. Definitely worth to stay tuned on that and “move your brass”.

Bushfire festival

Jägermeister truck

Jägermeister supports various music festivals worldwide. They’re providing amazing stalls which are usually getting a place to be during the event. It’s a great spot to hang out with your friends, make new ones and just be part of the Jäger-community. One example is the Bushfire Festival in Swaziland this May. Jägermeister hosted a bar in form of an old iconic truck in the brands colors black and orange.


You might only know Jägermeister as a shot, but it can offer much more varieties. How about giving it a try as a fancy long drink with one of the following inspirations …

4 cl Jägermeister
2 bar spoons brown sugar
crushed ice
Jägermeister fresh orange
4 cl Jägermeister
freshly-squeezed orange juice
crushed ice
orange zest


…and here are much more to discover.


Got interested in the brand now? Here are some more interesting facts to impress your friends the next time. You can find them in the very own “Jägerpedia”:

  • In 2006, the legendary band Guns N’Roses cancelled a concert in the US state Maine because there was no Jägermeister in the area. – Say Whaaaat?
  • All the Jägermeister labels produced in one year could cover around 198 football fields
  • Before Jägermeister can be poured into a shot glass, it matures for one year in exactly 450 oak barrels with a total capacity of over 3.7 million liters.
  • To protect the brand with the iconic label more than 650 trademark laws have been registered in 175 countries.

Drink Responsibly

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