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Above and beyond

Why I love my Land Rover…

Land Rover has been successful throughout their marketing campaigns to address IBP (Integrated Brand Promotion). Land Rover has made use of several social media platforms to address their IBP which in some cases lead to a united social experience. Land Rover released a novella, written by famed British author William Boyd, “The Vanishing Game“. This campaign lead to a second hashtag #WellStoried which took over social media platforms like: Tumblr, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. The amount of awareness that was created from these IBP strategies was groundbreaking and Land Rover could immediately see the success rate of this program.

Land Rover used IBP to address factors of the brand key model and brand resonance model and what will follow is all the phenomenal positive aspects that were seen throughout their marketing campaign.

  •  Land Rover is one of the leading SUV Luxury Sport and 4WD competitors in the car industry. Land Rover can drive and go anywhere for their vehicles are all 4-wheel-driving cars that offer a luxurious, safe, comfortable and off-road experience to all.  ‘We are the envy of our competitors’ – Bruce Robertson 
  • Land Rover offers a first class adventure to anyone daring enough to tackle new roads and wanting to explore the world. Throughout Land Rover’s advertisements the backgrounds mostly featured a nature scene that most competitors wouldn’t dare to tackle.
  • Land Rover is a trusted, well-storied brand with loyal customers that tend to purchase Land Rovers because of previous experiences or someone close to them owning one. Land Rover offers road-side assistance which are of high quality and standards any time and any place (even when you’re stuck on a mountain).
  • Land Rovers make owners feel safe, in charge, confident and capable of doing anything and gives them reassurance that their getting value for their money. Land Rover has its own unique personality and style which competitors can’t even try to copy.
  • The innovative and futuristic technology within Land Rover vehicles show the luxurious, stylish and lavish look the new age Land Rovers have. These aspects can be seen from the interior designs from specifically the Range Rover Evoque which Victoria Beckham helped design.

The all-new Discovery; Serenity in the storm

blog a1Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ffEc6AXT_Sg

In the above video Land Rover used IBP to clearly state that their vehicles are the “serenity in the storm” being able to stay calm whatever life throws at it and all the features eases drivers to drive with confidence.

Whatever the obstacle, Land Rover can and will overcome it

blog a2Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kryg81u15cs

How everyday people use Land Rover

Source: own pictures

From the pictures above it is clear that Land Rover is an adventurous, fun and basically a “do-it-all” vehicle. There is no terrain that Land Rover can not concur while its passengers are enjoying the luxurious driving experience that all Land Rovers has to offer.

In conclusion, it is not an adventure unless you are driving a Land Rover!

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