A bag is more than just a bag –  it’s a lifestyle, a passion, a personality.

Personalised to your own taste, this bag will become your best friend



A French family-run brand amazes women all over the world and spreads a new kind of luxury. This all started as a tobacco store in 1948 by Jean Cassegrain who was selling leather items for smokers and created Longchamp to develop the leather side of his business.

The company’s real breakthrough came with the use of nylon. In the 1970s, Longchamp created a leather and nylon fabric luggage collection. For the first time, luggage was light, contrary to the overweight suitcases usually sold at that time. This innovation led the company to design a women’s handbag known throughout the world: ‘Le Pliage’, few decades later.

Let us enter the world of Longchamp. Let us enter the world of ‘Le Pliage’.

The Functional French Fashion Icon.


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The class of Longchamp is clear, but often the functionality of this product is underrated. These ubiquitous bags can be used in a variety of situations – from relaxed beach days to extravagant evenings. It is not often that a bag can be a “women’s best friend” in almost every day-to-day activity. And it’s not only for people like you – ask Kate Middleton about her extensive Longchamp collection. The ‘Le Pliage’ collection is known for its convenience as well as its class – a deadly combination for women of all generations.

The fold up aspect of Longchamp bags creates a multi-purpose effect as they can be easily stored and carried – the ideal travel companion. The ensured high quality in the manufacturing of the product guarantees the durability of these practical accessories. The purchase can be looked at as a lifetime investment – a lifetime investment in a completely functional and durable best friend.

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Ever dream of being ‘une Parisiene’ radiating effortless elegance, class and style?

Ever dream of having a ‘dynamic’ and optimistic take on life?

That is a Parisian woman, it’s also a Longchamp ‘Le Pliage’ bag. ‘Parisian women cannot be dictated to when it comes to style’ says face of Longchamp Alexa Chung, and Longchamp has catered for this through their personalization campaign.

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You can now choose your very own ‘Le Pliage’ bag. Personalise your bag NOW!

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So, Mademoiselle, what are you waiting for?  Not only that, but Longchamp pride themselves on their French heritage and ensure this is kept through manufacturing 60% of their products in France, thus you can be sure to purchase an authentic chic French bag.

See what face of Longchamp, Alexa Chung has to say about ‘La Parisienne’

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“Le Pliage bags have become a French icon, like the croissant or the Eiffel Tower – they are chic, sophisticated, and elegant” – designer Jeremy Scott


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Big fashion icons like Kate Moss and Alexa Chung have a big influence to women all over the world. They are inspiring, stylish, classic and powerful. They set the trends for the future and are the pioneers of the fashion world.

Longchamp gives every women the chance to feel like a Kate Moss or Alexa Chung. They give them the chance to feel fabulous, elegant and stylish. Nevertheless, they are classic and consistent and know how traditional designs with trendy influences amaze women every day all over the world.

Wearing a Longchamp bag is the key to feel special and beautiful in every situation and every single moment.

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“It’s not that unique to put crocodile or gold everywhere to make luxury,” he says. “Luxury is something [that is] well-suited to your need”- Jean Cassegrain 


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