What Monster is all about

At Monster, things are done on another level, the excitement and determination to succeed in everything taken on, is like no other. That’s why Monster is one of the top energy drink companies in the world.

Monster Energy is all about the things you care about. No kid dreams of landing a 9-5 job. They dream about becoming pro athletes, musicians and living the life. Monster encourages people to make that dream a reality.

“It’s a lifestyle in a can.”

Monster Energy Events
Monster Energy Events

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Promoting the brand in a new way

Most companies won’t let you have free gear, unless you’re being sponsored. Monster Energy believe that fans should be rockin’ the Monster logo the way they want – on shirts, hats, MX bikes and trucks. They claim that their idea of promotion isn’t giving away a TV that you’ve already got. Their promos include exclusive VIP access, insane trips with top bands athletes and even giving away free gear, like dirt bikes, snowboards, clothes and helmets.

By getting close and personal with fans, Monster Energy has found a way to connect to fans on a different level than other companies. When fans think of the Monster Energy drink, they think of this aggressive brand that they want to engage with. They want to put they’re stickers on their bikes, they want to walk around in their clothes. Why? Because Monster is seen as a brand with confidence.

Energy when you need it.

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What more do you want?

Monster has a very wide variety of flavors to accommodate almost every taste, from the classic energy drink to ice tea flavors, juice and even milky type drinks for that much-needed protein post-workout.

Monster brings you high quality energy drinks in cans almost double the size of competitors, and that at an affordable price. Like previously mentioned, Monster has a unique drink for almost every preference.

These drink types and flavours include:

Monster has the widest variety of flavours and drink types to accommodate all users, because the brand believes that each person is different and unique, and that’s why they’re awesome! Monster always encourages you to be yourself and have a great time doing just that.

Only the Best

At Monster there is no room for mediocracy. That’s why the products only consist of the best ingredients. The brand ambassadors also share this mindset, that is why they are the best in what they do. From extreme sports to MMA fighting and even to live performances across the globe, Monster backs top athletes and performers in almost every type of sport and entertainment.

Source: https://www.monsterenergy.com/za/en/events/the-money-fight

Monster sponsors athletes like Connor McGreggor, who is the reigning UFC Lightweight Champion, and former UFC Featherweight Champion. McGreggor recently took part in a the biggest boxing match in history, fighting against Floyd Mayweather. This is another example of Monster athletes thriving in what they do and the obsession with being the best of the best.

Monster is a top competitor in every aspect it takes on. The goal is not to be just another name in a crowd, but to stand out as the best there is. This is why Monster encourages all consumers to pursue their wildest dreams and unleash the beast!