Musgrave gin: Modern Gin, Rich History.

Gin is often complimented by the feelings of hot summer days or warm comfortable evenings where the refreshing sip of infused gin just helps one or a group of people to reach a state of tranquillity.

Musgrave Gin is an artisan craft gin infused with botanicals from all over Africa and a Historical family background. Being applicable to many different situations with their light and floral pink to their rich and intricately spiced original gin, it’s no wonder that Musgrave is taking off the way it is. Musgraves success is partially attributable to their genius integrated brand promotions techniques. One in particular even had the ability to take consumers back in time to a British colonial trading post.

(Source: Tim Jankovich, 2017)


Maurice Boon Musgrave left Plymouth, United Kingdom in 1949 en route for Africa to start a new life exploring and discovering the people and land of Africa. Three months on a ship with a small baby, a measles outbreak and many days of seasickness. The adventure that would change the shape of his family had begun.

Fast forward a couple of years to find that Maurice’s spirit of endeavour, adventure and courage lives on in his granddaughter, Simone Musgrave. Inspired by the history of Africa and its unique and exotic spice route, Simone established Musgrave Gin.

Musgrave Gin_bottle & box_new label
(Source: Simone Musgrave, 2017)

The Trading Post

Due to its background and foundation of ‘spirit of adventure’ and ‘memoirs of the past’, Musgrave launched and event unlike any other. They invited attendees to come and experience what it was like for people in the past to have to trade and barter with whatever they had on them at a time where currency was no option. It played great significance that they/ hosted the event at Hope and Hopkins distillery in Woodstock, the birthplace of the gin.

As guests entered, they were instantly immersed into a new era. Making use of trained actors and a well-structured set up, attendees could trade old trinkets and bygones for a refreshing gin cocktail. If one wanted another cocktail, they would have to trade/offer more. At the end of the event most attendees were left with a taste for a brand that not only promotes great quality, but enthusiasm as well. This fun-filled trip to the past is set to continue in the future, so that more people can have the opportunity to understand and indulge in the ideas that the brand of Musgrave gin stands for. The event provided a fantastic opportunity for the brand to learn more about their patrons, and for the patrons to learn more about the rich and interesting history of Musgrave gin.

Musgrave Gin The Trading Post from (Source: Derick Botha on Vimeo.)

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Musgrave Gin is available at Hope on Hopkins Distillery and various outlets, stores and restaurants with two differentiating products: One being the original Musgrave Gin product with 11 botanicals from the African spice route, and the other being Musgrave pink, which has a 12th rose botanical that adds to Musgrave’s spicy nature. Musgrave has also recently launched these two products in the so-called ‘Musgrave Mini’ format which ultimately is the gin sold in small 50 ml bottles.


Further notes:

  • Distillery tours and tastings can be arranged via appointment
  • At Hope on Hopkins Distillery, 7 Hopkins street, Salt river, Cape Town, 7925
  • +/- R450 per 750 ml bottle
  • Phone 021 447 1950
  • Or contact,