RVCA’s current plan of action is ridiculous, they have gone completely rogue with their marketing approach. Outside the box just isn’t wild enough anymore.

Remember Will Ferrell’s 2007 classic, Blades of Glory? If not, you won’t have heard of the almighty Iron Lotus, a pioneering, game changing ice-skating maneuver which helped characters Chazz Michaels and Jimmy MacElroy take victory at the 2002 Winter Sport Games. RVCA’s current marketing plan aims to go completely rogue just like these two pioneers.

Nature x Industrialization

Pat Tenore and the boys have started a revolution. The idea of balancing opposites has helped shape the brand’s radical approach of spreading the idea of community and promoting art and individuality. RVCA doesn’t sponsor athletes, the brand has Advocates. From all walks of life; Artists, musicians, surfers, Mixed Martial Arts athletes, big names and unknowns. This has helped them spread their influence all over the forefront of fashion and culture by staying fresh, while retaining the classy simplicity that helped the brand bloom much like the fabled Iron Lotus.

“Artists are truly what drive this brand” – Anthony Carney


Rejecting the idea of “conventional” marketing practices, RVCA has launched its own magazine, ANP Quarterly. ANP (Artist Network Program) is where the brand’s Advocates showcase their latest work.

anp 2
RVCA Advocate, Greyson Fletcher showcasing some of his latest work

Source: GrindTV

The ANP knocks all its other competitors “out of the park” as the program encourages artists, both known and unknown, to push the boundaries of creativity. Constantly feeding the consumers eager and elusive imagination, constantly churning up new ideas. The looming concept of product innovation has helped RVCA put its foot in the door as one of the industry’s top guns. RVCA also hosts a successful surfing competition for young upcoming stars. This has helped the company secure a solid share in the market and reputation.

August Arc of RVCA’s Artist Network program

Source: August Arc’s Blog

Growth Through Empowerment

For years now RVCA has been growing and developing into a force to be reckoned with on the underground board sport scene. From surfer bra’s to skate rats and all the neighborhood cool cats in-between, RVCA has created something unique which has managed to captivate a distinctive target market with their happy go lucky, artsy, ‘take life as it comes’ vibe.

The Balance of Opposites

Source: Own

The brand is no longer in its infancy and now competes strongly with the likes of industry heavy hitters such as Volcom, Quicksilver and Rip Curl. RVCA has gained a reputation for its collaborative efforts with legends of the surf/ skate world as well as with artists from various creative backgrounds. It has become more than just a brand. Its clothing, style and ethos of “a balance of opposites” has been adapted into a lifestyle and gained a cult following from a dedicated fan base who swear by its products to add some flare to their wardrobes.

Its not just about making a buck, its about supporting these guys and getting their work out there. Thats one of the ways we stay authentic” – Anthony Carney

The products produced by RVCA embrace an elegant simplicity whilst managing to still remain relevant and funky fresh. Check out some of these “kiff” shots we managed to snap of some of our favorite cool kids representing RVCA hard. Pretty swanky stuff. RVCA expresses its ease, artsy vibe and sense of adventure are portrayed through these pictures.


Have it.

RVCA Advocate, Alex Knost

Source: RVCA Blog

RVCA Advocate, Ashley Smith, having a pool party

Source: RVCA Blog