There’s nothing more tasty than a freshly baked flavoursome Simba chip. Come share the journey as we take a look at what makes Simba roar!

Did you know: Simba owns Lays, NikNaks, Doritos, Fritos, ChipNiks and Ghost Pops.

Let’s take a trip down memory lane and look at this iconic Simba advertisement… Just like every potato wants to be a Simba chippie, every consumer should strive to be a Simba user.



The secret to Simba’s success:

  • Simba always has a way of making you crack a smile, whether it’s through their delicious flavours or original advertisements – you always end up having a good time.
  • Simba is as proudly South African as it can get! They make use of local upcoming artists and events in the country to promote their brand.
  • Some things are better when you ‘Mapha’. It’s always fun to meet new people and Simba chips can be used as a tool to create fond memories with new people. Simba encourages you to never experience their flavour and goodness on your own.
  • Everyone has time for a quick browse through Facebook. Simba uses their, very responsive, Facebook page to communicate with their clients and spread awareness of their brand. They interact with the community by showing interest in their clients’ social life.
  • Simba is never too little and always enough. a packet of Simba chips can be found in almost every local store. Simba is also available in all shapes and sizes to meet your every need. For those hungry school days or evening gatherings, there’s always a packet that has your back.
  • Simba acknowledges South Africa’s diverse rainbow nation and focuses on accommodating each type of person in its target market. They provide a large range of snacks that vary in price, flavour and texture.
  • Nobody ever walks into a store without noticing Simba’s vibrant colours. Simba has a unique way of using in-store advertising to make their products look yummy and desirable. Special offers allow Simba customers to get maximum value for money.
  • Everyone wants to be a winner. Simba knows that there’s nothing like a good competition to get customers talking. The What’s your lekker flavour, the Great house hunt and the Spar competition are all examples of competitions hosted by Simba to attract new customers.
  • Nothing makes a consumer more nostalgic than seeing their favourite Simba television ad. Two of Simba’s most successful advertisements include their ‘Mapha’ campaign and their legendary ‘Simba Chippie’ song. Simba knows how to touch the hearts of their customers and make them remember the good ol’ days.
  • Having the support of their mascot, Simba, makes them one of a kind and truly remarkable. Children can easily relate to Simba and identify him as their friend.

    Simba brings friends together.

Nothing brings a group of friends together like a good Simba snack. Simba is a quick, easy and convenient way to fill your stomach and feed your soul.

Next time you open a bag of Simba chips, don’t be shy to share it with a friend.



Done by: 19882130 & 19857217